The Tigger Movie

Released on  February 11th, 2000 The Tigger Movie was the second film in the Winnie the Pooh franchise. Unlike the first Winnie the Pooh film, The Tigger Film was a straight forward story from start to end rather than a collection of short stories. The film was originally set to be a straight to video release but after Disney CEO Michael Eisner heard the soundtrack from the Sherman Brothers, he knew he had a hit and did a theatrical release. 

Set back in the Hundred Acre Wood, Tigger (Jim Cummings) wanted to bounce but all his friends were too busy preparing for the winter. While searching for a bounce mate, Tigger clumsily knocks Eeyore’s (Peter Cullen) home over with a boulder. Later the friends are working together using Rabbit’s (Ken Sansom) pulley system, to fix Eeyore’s place. Tigger comes bouncing along wanting to be helpful. Using his special whoop-de-loop-de-looper-alley-ooper bounce to move the boulder but it ended up destroying the pulley system and dragging all his friends into a mud pit. Tigger walks away in loneliness realizing he’s the only Tigger around. Roo (Nikita Hopkins) wants to play so he asks about his family, surely Tigger must have parents. Tigger didn’t know so the two went to ask Owl (Andre Stojka) for help. During Owl’s long lecture of ancestry, Tigger knocks down owls wall of family portraits. When he put them back, he did so to look like one big tree. Tigger realized that his family must live in a tree somewhere. Roo and Tigger set off to look for the tree.

Having no luck finding a Tigger shaped giant tree. The two friends go back to Tigger’s home to find clues of Tigger’s family. While searching, Tigger teaches Roo his special Whoop-de-Doppler-loop-de-looper-alley-ooper bounce. Knocking things over, they come across a heart shaped locket. Opening it, they hoped to find a photograph but it was empty. Roo then suggests that Tigger writes a letter and invite them over. Tigger agrees. After no response. Roo quietly gathers the rest of the friends to pretend to be Tigger’s family/ They write a letter back using everyone’s suggestion and ends it with “your family”. 

Finally seeing a letter from his family, Tigger is thrilled. Tigger however misinterprets the letter and believes that his family will be coming for a visit. So happy, Tigger bounces through the hundred Acre Wood telling all of his friends. His friends gather again and realizing they don’t have the heart to tell him the truth, they find ways to dress up as Tiggers and visit him the following day, except for Rabbit who thinks everyone is crazy for not preparing for winter.

During the Tigger reunion Roo attempts the Whoop-de-loop-de-looper-alley- operas bounce, crashing into the closet. Roo’s mask gets knocked off revealing that they aren’t really other Tiggers. Angry and hurt, Tigger rages out into the middle of a snowstorm in search of his real family. Saddened by his reaction, the friends go to Rabbit and beg for his guidance in search of Tigger. After finally agreeing, they set out, finding Tigger in a large tree that had snow stripes. Rabbit calls for Tigger to come down but Tigger argues back, their yelling causes an avalanche. Tigger quickly bounces into action saving his friends by bouncing them up high into the tree before being swept by the snow himself. Needing to rescue his friend, Roo successfully performs the Whoop-de-loop-de-looper-alley-ooper bounce, rescuing Tigger. 

When the avalanche stops and the snow settles, Tigger realizes his letter is gone but all his friends begin reciting the letter. Understanding now that his friends are his real family, they throw another party with presents. Eeyore gets a new home and  Roo gets the locket. Christopher Robin takes a picture of their family to go into the locket.

Honestly, Tigger is one of my favorite characters from the Winnie the Pooh crew. This movie hits home a bit more than others as Tigger searched for his family. As an adoptee, it can be really hard. We never actually see any of the characters parents other than Kanga being the mom to Roo but they are a family. You can choose your family by surrounding yourself with people who care about you. That is what matters. Its a wholesome movie and great for the younger kids but some of us adults still watch as we return to our childhood movies.

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