Short Movie Review: Lonesome Ghosts

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Lonesome Ghosts Summary

The Ajax Ghost Exterminators – Mickey, Donald and Goofy – are hired by telephone to drive out four ghosts from a haunted house that has long been abandoned. Unbeknownst to them, however, they were called by the ghosts themselves, who are bored because nobody has visited the house since they had been haunting for a long time (either because none of the locals were scared or they had scared them all away, as one ghost puts it: “Guess we’re too good!”). They wish to play tricks on the living, and do so through a series of inventive, annoying pranks.

The exterminators arrive and knock on the front door, which falls down. When they announce themselves, there is nobody to receive them. Mickey decides they should get to work anyway. When entering, the door lifts up and throws them inside before putting itself back in place, making a rat trap fall shut on Goofy’s nose. After hearing the ghosts’ laughter, the three split up to hunt the ghosts individually.

The exterminators are toyed with at every turn; a ghost knocks Mickey on the head and puts its fingers in both barrels of his shotgun when he tries to shoot it and it explodes. Mickey is driven upstairs and tries to open a door that the ghost disappears into, which falls down and the ghosts (forming a marching band) come out of the fallen door and go into another. Mickey opens the door, which causes water to poor out of it while the ghosts surf across it on surfboards. The last one comes out on a motorboat that goes in a circle around Mickey until it and the water disappear altogether. Donald, meanwhile, is whacked in the rear with a wooden board and is scared away by the sounds of banging chains and dishes. He punches the ghost, but it resurfaces and blows water in his face. Goofy runs into a bedroom at the sound of a ghost banging a wooden spoon on a pan. He soon becomes tangled in a dresser after seeing a ghost in a mirror instead of his own reflection and stabs his own rear with a pin, mistaking his blue pants for a ghost and is shoved down into the basement.

In the end, the three exterminators crash into some molasses and flour, making them look like ghosts and consequently, they scare the actual ghosts out of the house in a panic. The ghost hunters stand victorious, having driven the spirits out of the house, although not exactly certain how. Donald smugly assumes the ghosts fled in capitulation to their superior tactics, calling them sissies and laughing.

Lonesome Ghosts Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

A Ghostbuster short with Mickey, Donald and Goofy. It also reminds me of Casper. It is cute, funny and great for the whole family. Do you enjoy the Mickey shorts?

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