Once Upon a Snowman (2020)

This short film starts up during Elsa‘s (Idina Menzel) song “Let It Go”, Olaf (Josh Gad)the snowman is brought to life. Before he can do anything however, Elsa releases her cape which flies and knocks him down the mountain side until he crashes into a tree. Not knowing who he is, or why he is alive, Olaf decides to find an identity for himself. He comes upon Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post and Sauna (where Kristoff (Jonathan Groff) can audibly be heard singing “Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People” from the barn) and gets flattened by the front door by Anna ( Kristen Bell) who exits not noticing him and carrying a bag of carrots (which she will eventually give to Kristoff and Sven as payment).

Olaf enters the Post and meets Oaken, (Chris Williams) who does not seem all that surprised by the appearance of a talking snowman. Olaf asks for a nose, possibly a carrot, for his face, but Oaken explains that he sold the last batch and decides to help him out by trying a variety of other objects. One of the objects is a stereoscope that features images of “Summer”. Olaf is immediately taken by it and wants to experience it before settling on a sausage for his nose.

As Olaf happily leaves with his new nose, a pack of wolves suddenly appear and begin to chase him through the snowy tundra, during which Anna and Kristoff can be heard arguing with each other over the concept of love. Olaf passes by them, again unnoticed, which gets the wolves to suddenly shift their attention to them. Olaf continues to slide and witnesses Anna, Kristoff and Sven making a leap across the gorge while ditching their sleigh. Olaf makes it to the bottom where he spots of the carrots that gets dropped but it gets crushed by the sleigh.

Olaf’s sausage nose breaks, which saddens him. Upon seeing one of the wolves whimpering pitifully at his nose, Olaf gives it to him, believing that he needs it more than him. The wolf happily licks him before leaving. Olaf comments that it felt like a warm hug to which suddenly causes him to remember Anna and Elsa’s time playing together as children. Finally realizing who he is, he comments “I’m Olaf and I like warm hugs.”

During the credits, Olaf is seen coming across Anna, Kristoff and Sven who will eventually give him his iconic carrot nose.

Firstly, who doesn’t love Olaf? I mean I get not liking Frozen but Olaf is just adorable and hilarious. I love the short films on him. Even my kiddo loves the frozen franchise, well loves Frozen 2 the most. This short movie is just full of great lines, jokes and I want more. Disney do you hear me? We need more, like a whole Olaf series please. Highly recommend watching this, it’s 8 minutes long and will definitely crack a smile or maybe hackle at Olaf. Oh did I mention there’s a ton of Disney Easter Eggs that can be seen. Yup, I know I got excited for that too.

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