Movie Review: Peter Pan (1953)

 Inspired by J.M Barrie’s Peter Pan, Disney released this feature  film on February 5th, 1953. Unfortunately it was the last film for the nine old men to work on together. We begin in  London in 1900 at the Darling home. George (Hans Conreid ) and Mary  ( Heather Angel) Darling are preparing for a party. Their two wild boys, John (Paul Collins) and Michael (Tommy Luske ) and their daughter Wendy (Kathryn Beaumont ) are acting out the story of Peter Pan and the pirates. George, fed up with the stories and the children’s antics, declares that Wendy has grown too old for this and will no longer sleep in the nursery.

That night while George and Mary Darling were out, the real Peter Pan (Bobby Driscoll)  came to visit John, Michael and Wendy. With the help of Tinker Bell and her pixie dust, the children learned to fly, and off to Never Land they went. 

Off the coast of Never Land, a pirate ship under the command of Captain Hook (Hams Conreid) and his sidekick, Mr. Smee (Bill Thompson) are anchored, plotting their revenge on Peter Pan and the lost boy (Tony Butala, Robert Ellis, Johnny McGivern, Jeffrey Silver, and Stuffy Singer). Interrupted by Peter, Wendy, John, and Michael’s arrival. Peter Pan distracts the pirates while Tinker Bell tells the lost boys to shoot Wendy. Peter soon finds out about what Tink did and banishes her. Meanwhile, John, Michael and the lost boys set out to find the Indians. The Indians capture the boys believing that they took Princess Tiger Lily.

On the other side of the island, Wendy and Peter are visiting the mermaids when they see Captain Hook and Mr. Smee planning on torturing Tiger Lilly for the location of Peter’s hideout. Working together, Wendy and Peter free Tiger Lily and escape Hook’s treachery. Peter is hailed as a hero by the Indians. Wendy, John and Michael soon grow homesick and ask to return to London, convincing the lost boys to join them. Peter refuses as he never wants to grow up. The lost boys and the Darling children are captured quickly. Hook had tricked Tinker Bell into revealing the hideout’s location. Hook sets a time bomb, planning on killing Peter. Tink learns of Hook’s plans and quickly rescues Peter by snatching the bomb as it goes off.

Peter saves Tink from the rubble and revives her. Together they save the lost boys and Darling children and defeat the pirates. With Tinker Bell’s Pixie dust, Pete and the children steer the ship to London. Wendy, John and Michael return home, finding their mother sleeping by the window. When George hears the commotion of the children and id delighted they are home safe, hugging them. Outside the nursery window, he recognizes Hook’s Ship from his own childhood.

So I’m going to be straight up with you all. I have a love hate with Peter Pan. Now it’s not this Peter Pan movie but there are just so many versions I feel like it is just over done. Now there are certain versions I really do enjoy and this is one. For me, and many, this was one of the first versions I saw. Heck I also have it on VHS still (don’t hate me lol, we still love watching VHS, its nostalgic). Anyway, we are first introduced to Peter, Wendy, Tinkerbell, Hook and Neverland. I would love to visit Neverland but also the story behind it is very side if you know the history. Of course, Disney is much darker than you realize with its storylines but most kids don’t pick up on it right away. But I really fell for TinkerBell. I mean she’s adorable but also I completely relate. It is so hard to feel more than one emotion without going crazy. Doesn’t help I’m also short too. Anyway, I do love this version. It is absolutely a family movie and not scary at all. Signing off with my favorite song from the movie.

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