Movie Review: Frozen (2013)

Disney’s 53rd film was released on November 22nd, 2013. Inspired by Hans Christian Anderson’s The Snow Queen, Frozen begins the film in Arendelle with Princess Elsa and Princess Anna playing, using Elsa’s snow powers to enhance their fun and build snowman named Olaf. During one of their adventures, Elsa accidentally hits Anna with her cryokinetic magic. The King and Queen rush the girls to see the trolls, who heal Anna and warn that as Elsa’s magic grows she should stay away from everyone until she can control it. The trolls erase Anna’s memories of Elsa having magic.

The royal family return to the castle and tell Elsa (Eva Bella/Idina Menzel) she must stay in her room until they find a cure. Instead of trying to master her powers, Elsa tries to suppress it, growing insecure and intern her magic gaining more power. By the time the sisters are teenagers, Elsa is begging the King (Maurice LaMarche) and Queen (Jennifer Lee) for help. The King and Queen set sail to a distant cousins wedding and promised to find a cure for Elsa.

Unfortunately the King and Queen get hit by a storm and die. The gates of Arendelle are closed at the loss of their beloved King and Queen. Fast Forward, Elsa turns twenty – one and  is crowned the new Queen of Arendelle, opening the gates to its citizens and royalty, However, Elsa is scared as can be and tries to keep everyone at bay during the party but when Anna (Livvy Stubenrauch/ Kristen Bell) and Hans (Santino Fontana) ask Elsa for her blessing, Elsa loses control turning all of Arendelle into ice. Elsa runs away into the country side where she creates an Ice Palace.

Anna follows her sister after putting Hans in charge of the kingdom. Unprepared by the cold and snow, Anna finds Wandering Oaken’s Shop to collect supplies. There she meets Kristoff (Jonathon Groff), an ice harvester, and Sven (Jonathon Groff) his reindeer. Anna begs for their help, Kristoff reluctantly agrees but during their journey, they are met by a pack of wolves who destroy the sleigh. Now on foot, they come across Anna and Elsa’s childhood snowman named Olaf (Josh Gad), who is now alive thanks to Elsa’ magic. The group finds Elsa’s new palace. Anna tries to convince her sister to return home and undo the magic but Elsa does not know how to. Upset, she accidentally hits Anna with more magic freezing her heart. Elsa then creates Marshmallow, a giant ice monster who chases the group off the mountain. Escaping the group then follows Kristoff to the trolls for help. Grand Pabbie (Ciaran Hinds) tells them that the magic can not be reverse unless “an act of true love” occurs. With that info, Kristoff takes Anna home so Hans can kiss her to cure her.

Meanwhile, Anna’s horse had return back to the palace. Under Hans’ lead, the Duke’s (Alan Tudyk) minions follow him into the countryside and into the mountains were they find Elsa. They destroyed Marshmallow and capture the Queen Elsa. They return to Arendelle where Hans reveals that his plan was to overthrow the thrown and take it for himself. He locks Anna in a room to die while he convinces the townsfolk that it was Elsa who had killed her sister. He then orders the Queen Elsa’s execution only to find out she is missing.

Outside, Olaf brings Anna to Kristoff before squealing that he’s in love. Hans finds Elsa, convincing her its her fault Anna is dead. Elsa, heartbroken, breaks down and the storm suddenly stops. Anna sees Hans attempting to kill Elsa. Anna jumps in he way but freezes solid. Elsa hugs her frozen sister, saddened that her magic hurt her. This was the “act of true love” needed to save Anna, who thaws out.

Finally understanding that it was love to help control her magic, Elsa ends winter but gives Olaf a personal now flurry so he will survive. Hans is exiled and the Duke is cut off from any trade with Arendelle. Anna rewards Kristoff with a new sleigh and they finally kiss. Reunited, Elsa tells everyone that the castle gates will never be locked again.

Oh Frozen. Frozen, Frozen, Frozen how I wish I could Let it Go. Okay, terrible joke, apologies. Anyway, Its not a bad story. Interesting, different, cute but also very overhyped. Thankfully I missed all that action working for Disney. I mean who can hate Olaf and Sven right? But I did feel it lacked something, something I can’t put my finger on. I did enjoy Frozen II far better, which explained a lot of questions we had from the first but not all. Its kid friendly and emphasis sibling, sisters, love. Now despite all that, I have learned from our now Queen Elsa to …

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