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Good Burger is a small, but popular burger joint, with the kind and enthusiastic, but dimwitted Ed, manning the cash register, greeting customers with his trademark “Welcome to Good Burger! Home of the Good Burger. Can I take your order?”. However the restaurant is soon to face serious competition from a bigger burger chain named Mondo Burger, soon to open accross the street. One day, Ed has to temporarily fill in on deliveries, and he sets off on his rollerblades to make one.

On the first day of summer, slacker high school student Dexter Reed takes his mother’s car on a joyride, without permission, while she is away on a business trip, and he is prepared to enjoy a lazy summer. However, Ed, while making his delivery blades right in front of Dexter, causing him to swerve, and then crash into the car of his eccentric teacher, Mr. Wheat. Dexter is forced to reveal he has neither a driver’s license nor car insurance, but Mr. Wheat agrees to let Dexter pay for the damage to his car, in lieu of pressing charges. With the damage estimated at $1,900 (later revealed to be $2,500), Dexter has no choice but to take a summer job.

Dexter takes a job at Mondo Burger, but is fired after two days, for clashing with the egotistical owner and manager, Kurt Bozwell. Dexter then ends up taking a job Good Burger, making deliveries and helping with counterwork, where he meets and reluctantly befriends Ed alongside its other employees. Dexter later recognizes Ed as the one who caused his accident, and is initially furious, but eventually forgives him.

The grand opening of Mondo Burger, with its flashy interior and exterior design, and oversized burgers makes Good Burger’s future seem bleak. Just as all hope seems lost, Dexter discovers Ed has a secret sauce with a delicious taste, but an unknown recipie, and suggests Ed use it on Good Burgers. The addition of the new Ed’s sauce to the menu, brings business back to Good Burger, and Ed is given a bonus. Dexter then takes advantage of Ed’s gullibility to extort money from him so that he can pay off his debt sooner, and has him sign a contract that gives Dexter 80% of Ed’s bonus. Dexter then warns Ed not to tell the sauce recipe to anyone, especially anyone at Mondo Burger.

Good Burger’s continued business despite the competition draws the attention of Kurt, who will stop at nothing to destroy them. When he sees Dexter and Ed on TV, serving Shaquille O’Neill a Good Burger, he becomes determined to get Ed’s sauce for Mondo Burger. After failing to lure Ed there at a higher wage, Kurt orders Mondo Burgers be made even bigger than before, and sends an employee named Roxanne to seduce him into revealing the sauce recipe. Dexter and Roxanne go on a double date with Dexter and Monique, another Good Burger employee whom Dexter has a crush on. However Ed, unwittingly causes injury to Roxanne with his clumsiness, and she does not get the recipie, and ultimately quits her job.

Monique later discovers Dexter’s contract with Ed, and calls him out on it. Dexter feels guilty, and starts to confess to Ed, when a hungry dog approaches them. It refuses to eat a discarded Mondo Burger in favor of a discarded, (but smaller) Good Burger, making Ed and Dexter suspicious, and the two decide to investigate. They infiltrate Mondo Burger’s kitchen and discover that their burgers are artificially enhanced with Triampathol, an illegal food chemical, to make them bigger. Kurt discovers the two, and when Ed still refuses to divulge the sauce recipie, Kurt calls an acquaintance named Wade, who has Dexter and Ed committed to an asylum called Demented Hills so that they cannot tell anybody else about the Triampathol. 

Afterward, Kurt and his henchmen break into Good Burger, find Ed’s secret sauce, and begin tainting it with a synthetic toxin called shark poison. Otis, an elderly employee who was sleeping on the premises, catches them red-handed, and is prepared to call the police, but Kurt has him comitted to Demented Hills as well. After Otis informs Ed and Dexter about Kurt’s scheme, the three hatch a plan, to escape from Demented Hills. With help from some other patients, the three escape, and hijack an ice cream truck to head back to Good Burger, arriving just in time to prevent anyone from eating the poisoned sauce. They warn the rest of Good Burger of Mondo Burger’s attempted sabotage, and advise them to call the police.

Ed and Dexter then break into Mondo Burger to expose their chemically-altered burgers to the police. While Dexter creates a distraction, Ed tries to take a can of Triampathol but clumsily knocks another one into the meat grinder. Inspired, Ed pours several cans into the grinder. As Kurt corners Dexter on the roof, Ed suddenly arrives with an empty can. Kurt mocks Ed’s actions, whereupon Ed snidely comments to Dexter that the can was not empty when he found it. The burgers begin to explode due to the overuse of Triampathol, causing Mondo Burger to rumble, and fall apart, as customers and employees evacuate the premises. Mr. Wheat arrives in his newly repaired car, but dismisses the commotion as a shift change, just in time for a large artificial burger to from the roof and smash his car, much to his dismay and Dexter’s amusement.

In the aftermath, Mondo Burger is shut down and Kurt is arrested for using the illegal Triampathol and contaminating Good Burger’s sauce. Ed explains to Dexter that their original plan, probably wouldn’t have succeeded, and even if it did, it would only lead to a trial, giving Kurt ample time to destroy further evidence and hire lawyers to dispute all charges, thus nothing would be accomplished in any reasonable amount of time. Therefore, Ed took matters into his own hands, to let Mondo Burger be hoist by its own pertard. Dexter is amazed at Ed’s hidden intelligence, and tears up the contract with him, telling him that Ed gets to keep all the profits from his sauce. They head back to Good Burger, where their coworkers give them a hero’s welcome for saving the restaurant. Ed replies with his regular…

“Welcome to Good Burger! Home of the Good Burger. Can I take your order?”

Good Burger Review

Rating: 3 out of 5.

It was cute the first few times then got annoying. My son adores this film and I can only take so much Kel. I know iy is a character but oh my. Do you remember when this film came out?

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