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10-year-old Winifred “Winnie” Foster is frustrated with her family because they keep her cooped up in the house, and considers running away from her home in rural Treegap. One day, while in a wooded area her family owns, she sees a boy of about 17 years old drinking from a spring. He introduces himself as Jesse Tuck, tells her that he is 104 years old, and tells her not to drink the spring water. Soon after, his brother Miles and his mother Mae take her away with them. On the way, they are pursued by a man in a yellow suit, who had approached the Fosters asking questions about their land the day before.

The Tucks explain to Winnie that the spring grants eternal life to anyone who drinks its water, effects which they discovered by accident. Winnie was the only person the Tucks trusted to share this information with. In the process, Miles had to cope with his wife leaving him and taking their children. They have been living in seclusion outside of Treegap for years, reuniting every ten years and drinking from the spring. Winnie grows particularly fond of Jesse and his father, Angus Tuck.

What the Tucks do not realize is that the man in the yellow suit has gone back to Treegap with riding a horse he stole from them and that he has informed the Foster family that Winnie is with them. When he returns, having been dispatched back there by the Fosters, he informs them that he has been searching for them for years. Miles’ wife and children had come to live with his family when he was a boy, and he heard rumours of their secret. He also says that he has come to take Winnie home, and that as payment to ensure her return the Fosters have given him title and deed to the wooded area, and thus the spring. 

The Tucks are outraged at the man’s conduct, but are left powerless because, now that he owns the land where the eternal spring is located, he can do whatever he wants with the water. He intends to use Winnie as his assistant to demonstrate how the water works. Mae, furious, grabs her husband’s shotgun by the barrel and threatens the man. Miles, realizing what his mother is about to do, tries to stop her but she swings the gun at the man in the yellow suit. He tries to leave, but Mae strikes him so hard in the back of the head that he suffers a fatal skull fracture. This happens in full view of the local constable, who rides up just in time to see it, and Mae is arrested and sentenced to hang the next morning. 

Realizing that their secret will be revealed once Mae goes to the gallows, the Tucks and Winnie head to the jail to break her out. They are successful in doing so, but are forced to abandon their farm since Mae is a fugitive from justice. Just before they leave, Jesse gives Winnie a small bottle containing water from the eternal spring; she ultimately decides not to drink it and pours it on a toad that happens to be nearby.

Many years later, Mae and Angus Tuck return to Treegap and find that it has changed a great deal – the wooded area is gone and so is their spring; the town has become a typical suburban metropolis. While there, they visit a cemetery where they find a grave labelled “Winifred Foster Jackson- Dear Wife, Dear Mother”, indicating that Winnie went on to marry and have children, and had died two years before. Though Angus Tuck is saddened by this, he also secretly praises Winnie for choosing not to drink the water. They come across a toad near her grave and “save” it from a truck, unaware that it is the same one that she had poured water on years before.

Tuck Everlasting Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

It has been a long time since, I’ve watched this film. I remember renting it every summer since it was released. It was great growing up watching it as a pre teen. I longed to have a relationship like Winnie and Jesse’s. It brings me back to some childhood memories. The wanting to feel accepted when your family is so different from you you. It is family appropriate but i would recommend for ages 12 and older.

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