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Gregorio and Ingrid Cortez are spies who have two children, Carmen and Juni, whom they shield from their lives to protect them from the inherent danger. The couple works for the Organization of Super Spies (OSS) doing desk work but are suddenly called back to active field work to find missing agents. Gregorio suspects children’s television host Fegan Floop has kidnapped the agents and mutated them into his “FoOglies” – creatures on his show. The children are left in the care of their uncle, Felix. 

The couple is captured by Floop’s “Thumb-Thumbs”, robots whose arms, legs, and heads resemble oversized thumbs, and taken to Floop’s castle. Felix is alerted to the parents’ capture, activates the fail-safe, and tells the children the truth about their parents, and that he is not their uncle but an agent sent to watch over them. The house is assaulted by Ninja Thumbs-Thumbs, and Felix is captured while the children escape alone on a submarine, the Super Guppy, set to auto-pilot to a safe house. At the safe house, the children learn of their parents’ past as they decide to rescue them. Inside of his castle, Floop introduces his latest creation to Mr. Lisp, small robots in the shape of children. He wishes to replace the world leaders’ children with these super-strong robots to control the world. The androids are “dumb”, and cannot function outside of their inherent programming. Lisp is furious, demanding usable androids. Floop, along with his second-in-command Alexander Minion, interrogates Gregorio and Ingrid about ‘The Third Brain’. Ingrid knows nothing of the subject, while Gregorio claims that he destroyed the brain years ago. After Floop leaves, Gregorio reveals to Ingrid that the Third Brain was a secret OSS project he once worked on: an AI brain with all the skills of the entire OSS. The project was scrapped as being too dangerous, but Gregorio couldn’t bring himself to destroy the final prototype.

Back at the safe house, Carmen and Juni are visited by Ms. Gradenko, who claims she works for the OSS. Gradenko gives Carmen a bracelet as a sign of trust, and asks about the Third Brain, but Carmen does not know anything. Gradenko orders the house to be dismantled, and Juni sees Ninja Thumbs outside destroying the submarine. With Gradenko’s intentions revealed, Juni accidentally exposes the Third Brain, and a BuddyPack chase ensues. Carmen eventually gets the brain, and she and Juni escape. Carmen realizes too late that the bracelet Gradenko gave her was a tracking device, and she and Juni are attacked by their robot counterparts. Though Juni tries to destroy it, he is unable and the androids fly off with the Third Brain. With it, Floop can achieve his goal, but he wishes to continue his children’s show. Minion has different plans and takes over, locking Floop into his “virtual room,” the chamber where he films his television series. The siblings receive reluctant help from Gregorio’s estranged brother Isador “Machete” Cortez when they come into his spy shop. When Machete refuses to accompany them, they steal some of his gear and take his spy plane, the RX Express, to fly to Floop’s castle. After a few mishaps, Juni crashes the plane into the castle, and the two swim inside the underwater entrance.

While their children storm the castle, Gregorio reveals to Ingrid that Minion used to work for the OSS but was fired after Gregorio reported him tampering with the Third Brain project. Juni rescues Floop who helps him and Carmen release their parents. Together they trap Minion and, confronting Lisp and Gradenko, the family is beset by all 500 robot children. Machete busts through the window, reconciling with Gregorio and joining the family to fight. However, at the last moment, Floop is able to reprogram the robots to change sides. The 500 super-strong robots quickly overpower Minion, Lisp, and Gradenko. With advice from Juni, Floop introduces the robot versions of Carmen and Juni on his show. The family’s breakfast is interrupted by Devlin, the director of the OSS, who has a mission for Carmen and Juni. They both accept on one condition: that the Cortezes work together as a family.

Spy Kids Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Hard to believe this film came out 20 years ago already and both Actors who played Carmen and Juni are grown, married and have kids of their own. I loved watching this as a kid. I wanted to be a spy kid so bad. Those gadgets were awesome. I introduced it to my kiddo a few months ago, and he enjoyed it as much as I did.

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