USA Presidential Election 2020

Normally I wouldn’t bring politics into my author page or my blogs but I just need to journal it out. This will be quick but there is a lot of emotions to unpack right now. Joseph Biden is our President Elect with our first woman, Black woman, Kamala Harris as Vice President. That in itself is historic and a huge sigh of relief. Even if Trump fights it, he has no chance of catching up with his recounts and fake lawsuits.

I got all excited, yes I did celebrate a bit but I’m still terrified for our country for the next few months and beyond. Not because Biden and Harris will be in the White House but because Trump and his loyal supporters are ready for a war. They have been spreading misinformation for years, but the last 2 months leading up to our election, there have been viable threats of domestic terrorism, heck there has been cases. We have been divided, tearing the middle further apart for so long, it is almost time for our country to get this civil war over and fix the problems we face. Not all of it is Trump’s doing but he certainly didn’t help matters and allowed hatred to spread. On top of that, COVID-19 has really provided a better look at other issues our country has dealt with for years and it is time as a country we get on it.

It won’t be easy. I know the likelihood of a reunited country will have lots of tragedies before we get there. I’m not blind to it. I am scared. I’m scared for our people. Biden becoming president is just one step to solving the problems. But i’ve also seen facebook, twitter, and Tiktok’s Trump’s supporters enticing violence, threatening and applauding it. If it was Biden’s supporter’s, we would get so much hate, heck there already is for the peaceful protests. And yes its been proven that the rioters infiltrating are trying to undermine the meaning behind it. We should not be hypocritical. It is okay to be sad, angry, happy, elated, whatever feeling you have, it is not okay to act on it and harm others. We as a whole need to educate and rebuild.

Easier said than done when our Black, Brown, Asian, and Native sisters and brothers are still targets. Our LGBTQ, are still a target.We need to remember we are fighting for all people and continue pushing change. It will not happen right away but our voices are being heard. They will continue to be heard. We needed this change, and there will be much more in the next 4 years.

But back to the next couple of months, Biden and Harris do not tae office until January 20th. That gives Trump 2 1/2 months to do much more to undermine our democracy, to rally his supporters and start this civil war they have been inciting. On top of having our third wave of COVID overtaking our country.

So while I am taking this time to have a little celebration as we all are giving a bit of a sigh of relief, we need to continue being vigilant, kind and safe. Have a plan in place. And if you are a Trump supporter, I do disagree with your thinking but I don’t hate you. We both, heck we all want our country to be great, we just see it in different views. I don’t want to see anyone getting hurt, I, and many others use want equality and equality.

Anyway, thank you for letting me get my thoughts out. Be safe as always and remember to be kind, not just because it is the Holiday season but also because we really need it right now more than ever.

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