Movie Review: Spy Kids 2

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Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams Summary

The OSS now has a full child spy section, of which Carmen Cortez and Juni Cortez have become agents. Even though they were the first of the new Spy Kids Division, they are not considered the top spy kids, and soon they face particularly difficult competition from Gary and Gerti Giggles, the children of OSS agent Donnagon Giggles, whom Carmen and Juni helped to rescue on their first mission. It is shown that Carmen defends Gary, and has a crush on him, which strains her relationship with Juni.

At the OSS awards banquet, Donnagon hacks into the TelePrompTer which the president was reading from, and is named director of the OSS instead of Gregorio Cortez. A fight ensues when a group of Magna Men arrive and render all adults unconscious. They are after the “Transmooker”, a highly coveted device which can shut off all electronic devices. Juni recovers it, but drops it when Gary tries to take it from him. Gary then blames Juni for the loss, resulting in Juni being fired. 

The next morning Carmen hacks into the database and reinstates Juni as an agent. They take a mission meant for Gary and Gerti to recover the Transmooker. She and Juni use some hints from their mentor, Fegan Floop, and their former arch-nemesis, Alexander Minion, and follow the trail to a mysterious island where all electronics refuse to work. Gary and Gerti meanwhile are sent to the Gobi Desert and while trying to pinpoint their position manage to fall into a pit of camel feces, whereupon they swear revenge. Shortly after arriving Carmen and Juni meet Romero, the sole human inhabitant of the Island of Leeke Leeke and a lunatic scientist who has been attempting to create genetically-miniaturized animals, so he can make a profit by selling the animals to kids in “miniature zoos.” He had an experiment go wrong after pouring growth concoction onto the mutated set of animals. As a result, he is unwilling to leave his lab, out of fear of being eaten. 

When Carmen is captured by a Spork, a breed of flying pig, she is dropped into its nest with Gerti, who reveals to her that Gary is genuinely evil. Carmen changes her feelings for Gary after he tries to kill Juni, and she sides with her brother. Romero, having been encouraged by Juni, finds out that his creatures are much friendlier than he thought. Carmen and Juni eventually find and recover the Transmooker, and are surprised when their family, having been informed of their disappearance, joins them. Donnagon then confronts the group, takes the Transmooker and attempts to use it to destroy the Cortez family, but it malfunctions. Gerti reveals she sabotaged it and threatens Donnagon with telling everything to her mother.

The President and his staff arrive on the island. Donnagon is fired by the President and his daughter, Alexandra; Gary is temporarily disavowed, and Alexandra appoints Gregorio as director of the OSS on her father’s behalf. Even though he is offered a promotion, Juni resigns due to the impersonal treatment he had received by the OSS after being framed. As the Cortez family leaves the island, Romero gives Juni a miniature spider-monkey as a gift, and all the island’s inhabitants bid farewell to the Cortez family. 

During the credits, Machete hosts a concert featuring Carmen (with a microphone which auto-tunes her voice, and a belt that helps her dance), and Juni (with a guitar that plays itself), but realizes too late that he never put any batteries in them before they went onstage. Meanwhile, Dinky Winks, the owner of Troublemakers theme park, paddles to Romero’s island to strike up a business deal.

Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The second installment of Spy Kids is just as great as the first. It is fun, new story line that fits in, has competition and who would ever think of weird morphed animals coming to life. Great for the whole family.

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