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Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 Summary

Bella, who has just given birth, awakens from her human-to-vampire transformation and is introduced to her daughter Renesmee. The rest of the Cullens and Jacob stay nearby, and when Jacob acts possessively towards Renesmee, Bella learns he has imprinted on her, making her furious until Jacob explains that he has no ill intentions. Meanwhile, Bella’s father, Charlie, has been trying to contact the Cullens for updates on Bella’s health. Carlisle announces that they have to leave Forks, Washington to protect their identities – especially because of Charlie. Jacob, desperate not to lose Renesmee, visits Charlie and tells him that Bella is alive and well, but that she had to change in order to get better. Jacob also tells Charlie that he doesn’t live in the world he thinks he lives in, and then reveals his wolf form to Charlie. Charlie goes to the Cullen house to see Bella and meet Renesmee. He accepts that Bella has changed and that she is happy, but he does not know what changed her or where Renesmee came from.

Several months pass with Carlisle monitoring Renesmee’s rapid growth. On an outing in the woods, a bitter Irina sees Renesmee from a distance and assumes she’s an immortal child without asking any questions. Immortal children were vampires who were changed in childhood, and because they could not be trained nor restrained, they slaughtered entire villages. The creation of such children outlawed by the Volturi and anyone caught with one is to be executed . Irina goes to the Volturi to report what she has seen. Alice gets a vision of the Volturi and Irina coming to kill the Cullens, and instructs the others to gather as many witnesses as they can to testify that Renesmee is not an immortal child. Alice and Jasper then leave to try and gather evidence of this. The Cullens begin to summon witnesses, such as the Denali family. One of the Denalis, Eleazar, later discovers that Bella has a special ability: a powerful mental shield that had protected her from Edward’s mind-reading even when she was human, which she is taught to extend to protect others from vampire powers.

The Volturi, led by Aro, arrive in Forks prepared for battle. They see the large group of 27 vampires (the Cullens and their witnesses) and wolves and stop their procession. They are able to prove to Aro that Renesmee is not an immortal child, however the Volturi are eager to add the gifted members of the Cullen coven to the guard, so they execute Irina in an attempt to provoke a battle. Before a fight breaks out Alice and Jasper return and Alice shows Aro her visions of the future, in which the battle ensues and Carlisle, Aro, Jasper, Seth, Marcus, Caius, Jane, Alec and Leah all lose their lives. Aro still wants to execute Renesmee as her future is unknown and she could grow to become savage. Alice and Jasper reveal their final witness, Nahuel (a half-human half-vampire just like Renesmee). Nahuel proves that he is not a threat, supporting the notion that Renesmee is not a threat. The Volturi unhappily leave, explaining that there will be no battle today.

Back at the Cullen home, Alice glimpses the future, seeing Edward and Bella together with Jacob and a fully matured Renesmee also together. Edward reads Alice’s mind and feels relieved that Renesmee has Jacob to protect her. Alone in the meadow, Bella pushes her mental shield away and finally allows Edward to see into her mind, showing him every moment she and Edward shared together, and the two share a kiss after Bella telling Edward, “nobody has ever loved anybody as much as I love you”, and both Edward and Bella say they will love each other and be together forever.

Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The second part of the ending of Breaking Dawn and what a twist. It does feel cringe that Jacob imprinted on a child, that is predatory which is wrong but the family seemed to take it in stride that Renesmee would be protected. The best part was this scene, don’t you agree?

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