Movie Review: We Can be Heroes

We Can Be Heroes Review

We Can be Heroes Summary

Missy Moreno is at home with her dad, Marcus, when they receive word to come to the rescue of heroes where Missy has to go with her father and be with other Heroics’ children.

Missy meets the other children there: Wheels, who possesses super-intelligence; Noodles, who can stretch his body; Ojo, who is mute and communicates through art; A-Capella, who can move objects by singing; Slo-Mo, who is always in slow motion; Face Maker, who can make any face; Rewind and Fast Forward, twins that can alter time; Wild Card, who has immense power but no control over it; and Guppy, who has “shark strength” and can shape water into anything. 

The kids watch the battle between the aliens and Heroics on television, which ends with the Heroics’ capture. Missy realizes that Ojo’s drawings tell the future. When a drawing shows aliens breaking into the vault, the kids hatch a plan to escape. 

Face Maker tricks the guards into coming into the vault where Guppy subdues them, but not before one of the guards triggers an emergency lockdown. Rewind sends them back in time, Wheels stops the guard from pushing the button, and Noodles steals their security badges. Mrs. Granada spots Missy in the hallway and seals the doors, but A-Capella makes a staircase to the roof, allowing them to escape. Noodles secures a vehicle, and the kids escape. 

They land at the home of Missy’s grandmother, Anita Moreno. She is also the Heroics’ trainer. She helps the kids master their powers and work as a team. The aliens arrive and Grandma sends the kids through a tunnel that leads to an empty field before she is captured. The kids spot an empty alien craft and use it to reach the Mother ship. Locating a room with a purple pyramid, they see the president and Ms. Granada speaking. They are alien spies, sent to prepare Earth for a “takeover”. The kids are placed in a cell. Guppy makes a replica of the key from the children’s tears and opens the door. A fight between the kids and the aliens ensues, and Wild Card is caught and taken for questioning while the others seek the pyramid. 

Wheels hacks into the motherboard, but Ojo reveals that she can speak and is Supreme Commander of the aliens. Missy communicates with Wild Card in the control room; Face Maker has switched places with him. Granada goes after Wild Card, but not before the protective shield around the motherboard is deactivated. With the kids holding off the aliens, Wheels and Noodles remove the motherboard and swap it with a new one deactivating the alien’s rocket and foiling the takeover. To the kids’ surprise, their parents emerge from the rocket. Ojo reveals that she and Ms. Granada faked the “takeover” to train the kids to be the new Heroics. The kids reunite with their parents, and are soon ready to save the world.

We Can Be Heroes Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I really enjoyed this film. It was cute, funny, full of twists and action. A new way to. look at team work. It was a sequel off Shark Boy and Lava Girl but other than featuring a few minutes of them, and their daughter Guppie, you really wouldn’t get the connection. It is a great movie for the whole family.

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