In a magical place called the Motherland, fairy godmothers train so that they can help people’s wishes come true. Among them is the youngest, and only fairy who is not elderly, Eleanor Fay Bloomingbottom who gleefully commits to the craft despite not being very good at it. The godmothers stay to a “formula” that many have grown bored with (e.g. true love, castle, etc.). Eleanor learns from another godmother that the school is to be shut down, as nobody makes wishes anymore, and that they will have to learn to be tooth fairies instead. Determined, Eleanor checks the assignment room and discovers a letter from a 10 year old girl named Mackenzie Walsh and decides to help her. She is aided by the oldest student, Agnes, who warns her that if she is found out, the school will shut down and, worse, her powers will be stripped.

Eleanor ends up in the real world where a friendly trucker takes her to Boston, Massachusetts where to her shock, Mackenzie is a miserable 40 year old, single mom who works at a failing television station that reports on puff pieces. She manages to convince her that she is a fairy godmother by displaying her magic and Mackenzie is forced to take her home to her two children Mia and Jane and her sister Paula who helps with looking after the kids. Mackenzie has trouble raising her children as Jane has an emotional anxiety when it comes to singing, which she needs to do for her high school. Eleanor is forced to sleep in the basement and comes to believe, based on a comment Mackenzie made, that her husband ran away.

Eleanor begins affecting the family’s lives when she starts tagging along with Mackenzie to work and meets her coworkers Duff and Hugh Prince, the latter of whom has feelings for Mackenzie, much to Eleanor’s delight. Eleanor accidentally creates a colorful explosion in the sky, creates a citywide blackout and becomes a viral sensation after a sled boarding accident, the latter of which gives the news station higher ratings. Eleanor learns from Mia that Mackenzie’s husband died and realizes that it is connected to Jane’s anxiety and helps her by having her sing “My Favorite Things” in public. Meanwhile, Mackenzie’s newfound optimism convinces her to get a makeover and begins hanging out with Hugh more; himself a divorced father with a son.

Agnes tells Eleanor that she needs to have Mackenzie’s true love be found by midnight the next night, or she will lose her powers. She convinces Mackenzie to attend a party being thrown by their unscrupulous boss Grant and tries to use her powers to make her fall in love with Hugh. This fails and Mackenzie berates her for trying to impede on her life. Their argument is heard by everyone at the party with Grant believing that all the recent stories were planned. Mackenzie tells Eleanor to leave, though Paula finds her fairy godmother book and sets out to look for her. To Mackenzie’s surprise, Grant wants Eleanor back to exploit her. When Mackenzie refuses, Grant fires her and Hugh reveals that he quits after being offered another job.

Mackenzie learns that Jane still has anxiety, as she needs to sing for the high school at the Christmas festival that night and they go and find Paula trying to help Eleanor create a pumpkin carriage. They tell her that they need her and she instead creates a watermelon carriage that gets them to the show on time. Jane performs using her father’s guitar to a stunned audience. Moira, the headmistress, arrives to take Eleanor away; calling her a failure. However, Eleanor informs her that she realizes that the formula is dated and that everyone has their own idea of true love. After encouragement from the Walshes and the audience, Moira concedes that Eleanor was a success and the two of them head back with the assignment completed.

In the epilogue, rendered in traditional animation, Eleanor has become a teacher in Motherland and is seen teaching new children godmothers the new way.

Just released on December 4th, exclusive to Disney Plus, Godmothered is a unique spin to how fairytales are seen in today’s world. It is funny, relatable, different, full of love, hope and holiday cheer. Perfect for this holiday season. It was released during the holiday season of COVID 19, when all the feelings of love and hope we need are delivered with more. I rarely say movies need a sequel but this one I would happily enjoy. It is also perfect for the whole family. Kiddo and I did watch it in the middle of night but well worth being up late.

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