Short Movie Review: Prep and Landing: Naughty vs. Nice

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Prep and Landing: Naughty vs. Nice Summary

The beginning of the special introduces the Coal Elf Brigade, a special unit of Christmas elves resembling coal miners that is responsible for delivering lumps of coal to naughty children. While seeming cruel to some, the brigade adds small, encouraging notes to the lumps such as “Try Harder next year,” in an attempt to steer the children back to the nice list.

With the Big 2-5 fast approaching, Wayne and Lanny must race to recover classified North Pole technology that has fallen into the hands of a hacker identified only as “jinglesmell1337.” Desperate to prevent Christmas from descending into chaos, Wayne seeks out (at the insistence of Magee) the foremost Naughty Kid expert to aid in the mission, a bombastic member of the Coal Elf Brigade who also happens to be his estranged younger (but larger) brother, Noel.[2] Reluctant to take the extroverted Noel along with him, Wayne relents, and Noel joins the Prep & Landing team on the mission. During the trip, Noel and Wayne reminisce about their childhood, when they worked together far better than they do now. As the trio arrives at the hacker’s house, Wayne sets off a booby trap, imperiling the entire team; Noel manages to defend himself, Wayne takes a particular beating from the trap’s various mechanisms, and Lanny makes it into the hacker’s room, only to accidentally “sparkle” himself and end up taken captive.

The hacker then reveals herself to be Grace Goodwin, whose sole mission is to get herself off the naughty list, believing that she had been set up by her toddler brother, Gabriel, who had destroyed her favorite toy and ruined her chances to ask Santa for a new one by his crying. After a somewhat intoxicated Lanny suggests using the “magic word” to get the password for the device that will get her off the list, she does just that: using the word “please” as the password, since genuinely naughty kids never say “please.” At first, she appears successful in changing her status from naughty to nice, but the device malfunctions, threatening to place the entire planet on the naughty list unless she and the team can pull off a risky operation to fix the problem.

Meanwhile, Wayne is particularly bitter at being “shown up” by his younger brother, prompting a fight in the street in front of Grace’s house in which Wayne goes as far to say that he wish that he never had a brother. Shocked and Hurt at his statement, Noel (who always idolized Wayne growing up) asks Wayne to say he didn’t mean it, then throws what he had intended to give Wayne as a Christmas present at him. The gift—a toy sled that Wayne had wanted as a kid but was never able to get—prompts Wayne to reconcile with Noel and carry out the mission. Grace, watching the whole argument as it unfolds, learns a powerful lesson and a newfound appreciation for her younger brother.

The next morning, the scene at the Goodwin house shows Gabriel giving Grace her new Christmas present, a replacement toy for the one he had destroyed a year prior. Meanwhile, back at the North Pole, Wayne and Noel both win the title of “Elves of the Year” for their efforts and cooperation (although the headline of the local paper misprints Wayne’s name as “Dwayne”).

Prep and Landing: Naughty vs. Nice Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This is the sequel to Prep and Landing, another longer holiday short. It is cute, fun and great for the whole family. We love watching these holiday films and shorts.

Are you on the naughty list or the nice list this year?

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