Movie Review: Santa Paws 2: The Santa Pups

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Santa Paws 2: The Santa Pups Summary

Mrs. Paws has just given birth to four adorable puppies named Hope, Jingle, Charity and Noble. Four months later, the Santa Pups each have their own personalities. Hope is always ready to take action wherever she goes, but never takes caution. Jingle loves to sing, but she can only sing off-key. Charity still needs to learn how to share, and Noble pretends to be the leader of his sisters, and leads them into trouble. Meanwhile, in school, Noble asks Eli and Eddy if they can have their own magic crystals, but they have to understand the True Meaning of Christmas to earn one. The Santa Pups are then taken on a field trip to the cave of the Great Christmas Icicle, where they learn how magic is used, and how the Christmas Magic in the icicle is used to power the magic crystals. They see on the spirit map that Christmas spirit is highest in Pineville, USA(in Montana, according to the spirit map. It could be Hot Springs, and this town is originally platted as Pineville[1][2][3]) where they learn an ambassador named Michelle Reynolds has recently passed away.

In Pineville, every citizen is overly ecstatic about Christmas, including Michelle’s widowed husband Thomas and their 8 year old daughter Sarah. However, their 12 year old son Carter has lost his Christmas spirit after his mother’s passing and has now become apathetic and cold-hearted.

When Mrs. Claus prepares to go to Pineville to find a new Santa Claus ambassador, Noble comes up with a plan of his own. His plan is to take Eddy’s magic crystal collar, and then fly to Pineville to prove that they are ready for their own crystals. Once in Pineville, Noble begins granting the first Christmas wish to a girl named Taylor who wishes to skate really well, and then to another girl named Sally who wishes for her two front teeth. But, after a furious Carter wishes for the Christmas spirit to disappear, Noble ends up granting a terrible Christmas wish that then affects all of the people in town. Everyone who Carter meets loses their kindness and Christmas spirit. The Santa Pups then meet a new friend Baxter, who his owner Jeb Gibson, is actually a dog catcher, and after being affected by Carter’s wish, loses his kindness to animals and catches the Santa Pups and takes them to the pound.

The Santa Pups then explain that if they don’t get the crystal back and reverse the wish, Christmas could be in big trouble. The Santa Pups then try to retrieve the crystal with help from Hope, but Hope is not careful on the descent, and accidentally wakes up Brutus. Brutus explains that his life has been pretty rough due to his owner having lost the Christmas Spirit. The Santa Pups agree to get Santa to take him off the Naughty List. Mrs. Claus, Carter, Sarah, the pups, and three sisters named Agnes, Dorothy and Blue, that Mrs. Claus met, try to bring the Christmas spirit back forever. They do this by airing on the radio and convincing everyone to act like normal. Carter wishes for the Christmas spirit to last forever all over the world. The pups are then able to reverse the wish. Noble gives Eddy his magic crystal collar, and then the Santa Pups, Eli, Eddy, and Mrs. Claus head back to the North Pole. The film ends with the Santa Pups, Eddy and Eli singing about what the True Meaning of Christmas is all about.

Santa Paws 2: The Santa Pups Review

Rating: 2 out of 5.

Another straight-to-video Puppy flop. Again, they forced this puppy franchise and it was a big miss. Kinda cute but annoying. Kids aren’t even enjoying it.

What re your thoughts on the Disney Puppy franchise?

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