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In Norwich, England, on December 18, 1334, Cole Christopher Fredrick Lyons (Josh Whitehouse) and his brother Geoffrey (Harry Jarvis) participate in an annual Christmas hawking competition and split up to try and catch the hawk. Cole goes to the woods, while Geoffrey combs the castle for the hawk. On Cole’s way to find the hawk, he encounters an unnamed old crone (Ella Kenion), whom he offers to escort to a shelter. She thanks him for his kindness, and tells him that she will magically send him to faraway lands on a quest and see things like ‘flying steel dragons and horses’ (Airplanes and cars) and ‘magic boxes that make merry’ (Televisions). After her explanation, she gives him a glowing blue medallion and tells him that if he doesn’t fulfill his quest before midnight on Christmas Eve, he will never become a true knight and remain in the present forever – but does not explain the nature of the quest itself.

In the year 2019 on the same day in Bracebridge, a small city in Ohio, a high school science teacher, Brooke Winters (Vanessa Hudgens), who is disillusioned by love, agrees to take her sister Madison’s daughter Claire to the Christmas Castle’s opening, which is the same place Cole arrives in. Cole, confused by the new and unfamiliar surroundings, gets hit by Brooke’s car by accident, and is taken to the hospital, where Officer Stevens (Arnold Pinnock) gets a report from him that he has amnesia and he believes that he’s actually a knight, as he is not in the US system and has no ID. Brooke offers to let him stay at her guest home until he ‘gets his memory back’. On Cole’s journey, he discovers modern day equivalences like radios, diners, manners, and Alexa.

Despite his manner of speech and strange habits, Cole endears himself to Brooke’s friends and family. They are skeptical of his origins as a 14th century knight, but humor him, as does Brooke herself, who even agrees that it’s possible he is who he claims to be. She opens up to him about her late parents and an ex-boyfriend who had cheated on her years ago, and he slowly shares his own past with her as they grow more familiar.

In his search for the quest given to him by the old crone, Cole ends up rescuing two scared children from a frozen lake and catches an escaping pickpocket, but does not feel fulfilled. On December 24, Cole helps Brooke host a successful Christmas feast. Later, he asks her to clarify the Mistletoe tradition, and they kiss – this causes Cole’s medallion to light up, meaning he has finally fulfilled his quest. Brooke walks him back to the Christmas Castle, where he had originally arrived, and bid each-other a heavy farewell. She returns home, heartbroken, and he is sent back to the 14th century.

On return, Cole has arrived just in time for his brother’s knighting ceremony; Geoffrey welcomes him back warmly, but realizes he’s in love and gives him his blessing to return to his true love. He sets off back in the woods to look for the old crone – he calls out to her, saying he finally understands his quest. Satisfied, she deems him worthy, sending him back to the present.

Back in Bracebridge, on Christmas day, Brooke is comforted by her sister, niece, and brother-in-law. They invite her to join them at the Christmas Castle, where Cole soon meets them, having been transported with his horse, Sherwyn. He declares his love to Brooke and his willingness to stay, which she happily accepts. The two mount Sherwyn and ride around the castle, admired by onlookers.

In a credits scene, Geoffrey meets the old crone, who greets him and asks for assistance the same way she did with Cole. She carries another medallion which glows as the scene comes to end – indicating that Geoffrey will go through the same quest as his brother.

The Knight Before Christmas Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Exclusive to Netflix, The Knight Before Christmas is a cute romantic film. It is okay for children but aimed for adults who love Christmas Romance. It has a bit of time travel, adventure, history, romance and much more. I am digging Vanessa Hudgens in these Christmas Romance films. I think it suits her well.

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