Operation Christmas Drop

Erica is a congressional assistant in Washington, DC. She is tasked with investigating a US Air Force base in Guam with the intention of finding a reason to recommend its closure. Andrew is an Air Force captain, and he is chosen to show her around the USAF base and convince her that it should remain open.

The base has a yearly tradition of airlifting goods to the citizens of Guam for Christmas. Andrew shows Erica around the base and various islands and demonstrates that the tradition is worthwhile and the base should not be closed. Romance between Erica and Andrew blooms during these events.

Now this film is brand new and while Erica and Andrew do end up falling in love in the end, it doesn’t focus on the love portion of the film but what is actually being done and the Christmas spirit. Operation Christmas Drop is an actual event that started in 1951 by the Airfare stationed in Guam. Knowing that the scriptwriter did research and kept to its truth is really wonderful. The film really focused on how much good they were doing and how on Guam and the surrounding Islands, they barter and get things done is not only cool but realistic. Emphasizing on helping people with a little comedy, romance and a change of heart from out Antagonist character was great. I would love a sequel to see what they come up with.

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