Ralph Breaks the Internet

The film is the sequel to Wreck – It Ralph, set six years later. It debuted on November 21, 2018 earning a nomination for best animated feature at the 91st academy awards, 76th golden globe awards and lastly at the 24th Critic choice awards.

The movie opens with Wreck – it Ralph (John C Reilly) and Vanellope Von Schweetz (Sarah Silverman) hanging out at Litwark’s arcade. Vanellope tells Ralph how mundane the Sugar Rush’s races have become the last few years. Ralph tries to be helpful by sneaking into Sugar Rush and creating a new track but the arcade player ends up fighting control from Vanellope causing the steering wheel to break off. Unfortunately the company that created Sugar Rush no longer exists and the replacement part on eBay was too expensive. Litwak ( Ed O’Neill) decides instead to send the game away. Before the game is shipped. Sugar Rush residents evacuate before the unplugging. Thanks to Felix (Jack McBryer), Calhoun (Jane Lynch) , Ralph and Vanellope they find new homes for all the citizens before they search for a way to save the game. Ralph and Vanellope use Litwak’s new router to travel through the internet to find the help they need.

They find the eBay auction and end up bidding and winning for more than $27,000 dollars. They only have twenty four hours to get the money together. They find J.P Spamley (Bill Hader) through the Knowsmore search engine, who offers them a great paying of job by car jacking from the lead character, Shank (Gal Godot), of Slaughter Race. Vanellope and Ralph enter the game, Vanellope is entranced but the graphics and tracks. They manage to steal Shank’s car but are stopped just before they leave the game. Shank tells Vanellope how great her driving skills are. Shank helps them by filming Ralph for a viral video and posting it on BuzzTube. She told them to go find Yess, Buzztube’s operator about a payment. Yess was incredibly happy how viral the video went. Yess goes on to tell them that if they made more videos and got enough views, they could get paid. Vanellope wanted to return to Slaughter Race to show off the ideas but Yess sends her to “Oh My Disney” instead. Vanellope enters the castle where she meets the disney princesses. They encourage her to be musical and fulfill her destiny.

Meanwhile, Ralph earns the money but cant find Vanellope. With the help of Yess, he is able to reach her through a device that Yess had given them. He finds Vanellope in Slaughter Race talking to Shank about staying. Ralph goes to Spamley to help get her out of the game but he sends him to Double Dan in the dark web. There Ralph is given Arthur, a virus that uses insecurities to replicate and spread. Ralph releases Arthur in Slaughter Race. Vanellope, Shank and the rest of the characters barely escape slaughter race before it resets. Angry with Ralph, Vanellope grabs the hero – cookie medal she had made and there it in the slaughter race as it reset before she runs off. Ralph jumps into the game to search for the medal but the virus scans Ralph and replicates him, all wanting to take Vanellope.

Before they know it, Ralph clones are running around the internet using a DOS attack to get Vanellope. The real Ralph saves Vanellope but the close come together to form a giant. Ralph realizes he must overcome his own insecurities by letting Vanellope go and let her make her own choices. The giant Ralph clones are defeated but Ralph and Vanellope are caught in the updraft. Thanks to the disney princess, they are rescued. Ralph and Vanellope make up. Vanellope decides to stay with Shank in Slaughter Race. Ralph returns home but the two friends remain in contact with the Yess device.

A 6 year wait but well worth it. It really confirmed that there is a connection between all the movies just having the Disney Princess scene. They clearly all exist within the same realm and can interact with each other. The story line continued to give us great lessons and Easter eggs as usual. The only thing I wasn’t fond of was the way the princesses were animated to their new forms but otherwise I have no complaints.

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