My 2021 Resolutions

So I am making this post 3 different times (here, on Matthew’s Kitchen and on Homeschooling in NYC), but with 3 different emphasis based on my website. Here I am focused on my writing and my reviews. I have also started another youtube channel (please like and subscribe) where I will bring my reviews to video. I currently only have my introduction video up so far but more will be out this week. I am going to aim for 2-3 videos a week on this channel to go along with my reviews, theories, and film history. It is all Disney and Pixar related so come check it out.

My second resolution for this website is to post a review daily. Some days will have two or a theory and I also plan on adding more of my short stories up.

My third goal. which does revolve around this will be published April 5th, 2021. I was planning on publishing in November but it never happened. I need to get it going. Its been 8 years working on this book and it is the first in a 8 part volume (I’m pretty sure I have 7 more outlined already but i haven’t recounted that number in a while).

Basically, business wise I want to be more present and consistent. I know I already created an Organized article but I warned y’all it wouldn’t last long. I lost that original binder and started to redo it. Then I found the original binder again and now it is, um I think in my bookcase. Its laughable how much of a mess I am. But something many of you don’t know is that I was diagnosed with Lupus and my brain fog is getting worse and worse. So making my resolutions happen will be tougher than normal. I bought an actual planner where I am writing down content for all websites and my youtube channels so I know what to do each day. I am also going to make a vision board above my desk area (normally it is by my door) so I can see it bam right in front of me. It hasn’t been a full week of using this new planner but I am already got the scheduling a head with content. It feels good to be a bit more organized. I have far more to do which I will have a Organized 2.0 Shortly.

I hope you all have a fantastic New Years.

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