Toy Story 2

Back with Woody, Buzz, Hamm (John Ratzenberger) , Slinky (Jim Varney), Rex (Wallace Shawn), Bo Peep (Annie Potts)and Mr. Potato Head (Don Rickles) in the sequel to Toy Story. released on November 24th, 1999, we return to Andy’s room. Andy (John Morris) is packing for cowboy camp but while playing with Woody (Tom Hanks) and Buzz (Tim Allen), Woody’s arm rips. Andy’s mom puts Woody high on a shelf, and leaves with Andy to drop him off at camp.

The next morning, Woody discovers Wheezy (Joe Ranft ), is also on the shelf but before they know it, Andy’s mom grabs Wheezy and takes him to the yard sale. Woody goes to rescue Wheezy but ends up being stolen by Al McWhiggin (Wayne Knight), a toy collector and the owner of Al’s toy barn.

Buzz and friends must rescue Woody, first by figuring out who his kidnapper is but where he was taken. They quickly realize it was Al and set out towards the toy store while trying not to be seen by humans.

Meanwhile, Al brings Woody to his apartment. But before Al can take note of Woody, he’s called to the toy store. Being free to move, Woody meets Jessie (Joan Cusack) a cowgirl, Bullseye his horse and Stink Pete (Kelsey Grammer) the prospector, all from the 1950s television show Woody’s Round Up. The new friends tell Woody they are being sent to a toy museum in Tokyo, Japan, but they can only go if the collection is complete. Woody tries to escape to get back to Andy but gets his arm completely torn off in the process. Al finds Woody damaged and calls in a toy repair specialist.

Woody, now back to himself, learns Jessie’s backstory of how her owner Emily had outgrown her and tossed her. Stinky Pete warns Woody that the same fate will happen to him to.

Back with Andy’s other toys, Buzz get trapped by a utility belt Buzz (), who joins the rescue team. They find Woody and after the real Buzz defeats the imposter, he to joins the friends. At this point, Woody no longer wants to go home. Buzz convinces Woody to go home and be played with. Woody wants the Round Up gang to go with but Stinky Pete refuses to and traps them. Before they can escape, Al comes home and packs the Round Up gang in a suitcase, heading to the airport.

Andy’s toys follow Al’s car in a stolen Pizza Planet Truck. They enter the baggage handling system. They find the suitcase and free Bullseye and Woody, and they stuff Stinky Pete in a little girl’s backpack but realize Jessie is still in the suitcase heading toJapan. Bullseye and Woody save Jessie from the plane and they all return home to Andy’s room.

Andy comes home from camp, thinking his mom bought him new toys. Andy’s mom fix the rip in Woody’s arm and Wheezy’s squeaker. Later the toys find out that Al’s toy barn foreclosed because he couldn’t sell the Round Up gang.

Second in the 4 part series that really launched Pixar, we are back with the crew. This time they add Jessie and Bullseye. Honestly I love Toy Story 2 the most out of the series. There are tons of easter eggs that are pretty easy to spot as well. Toy Story 2 really showed how attached the toys become with their owners, which is part of how Jon Negroni came up with his Pixar Theory.

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