T.V Series Review: L.A’s Finest Season 1

L.A.’s Finest is an American comedy action crime television series created by Brandon Margolis and Brandon Sonnier; and produced by Sony Pictures Television. It is a spinoff of the Bad Boys franchise created by George Gallo. The series premiered on Spectrum on May 13, 2019. L.A.’s Finest is the first premium content show made for the cable provider and the debut of its Spectrum Originals banner of exclusive programming. The second season premiered on September 9, 2020. The first season of the series had its broadcast television premiere on Fox on September 21, 2020.In October 2020, the series was canceled by Spectrum after two seasons.

Episode 1 – Pilot

LAPD detectives Syd Burnett and Nancy McKenna are assigned to protect Kyle Smith, a young boy who happens to be the only witness to a murder committed by Frank Cruz, an enforcer for the Garza cartel. After Cruz tries to abduct Kyle, Syd leaves McKenna to watch over him while she goes to visit her estranged father Joseph for information on Gabriel Knox, who left her for dead during a botched undercover operation while she was with the DEA. Syd goes to see Knox’s business partner Ray Sherman, but McKenna is forced to intervene when his bodyguards hold her at gunpoint. Cruz takes Kyle hostage; the LAPD learn that his mother Claire, an employee of the cartel’s banker, froze one of their accounts. McKenna impersonates Claire to get Cruz to agree to a hostage exchange, but he tries to kill her and the police are forced to engage Cruz’s men. Cruz himself is killed, but not before setting off a grenade. Syd is able to save Kyle, who is reunited with his mother. That night, Ray’s nightclub is torched. His brother Dante contacts McKenna, warning her that Syd crossed a line. McKenna tells him never to call again and hangs up.

Episode 2 – Defiance

Syd and McKenna chase down a dangerous serial killer who is killing people while on social media sites. During the case, Syd’s reckless actions result in the death of one of her father’s CIs and send her colliding into McKenna’s complicated past with Dante Sherman.

Episode 3 – Con Air

As Syd and McKenna deal with the fallout of each other’s actions, they look into the murder of a helicopter pilot that might be connected to a robbery crew. Meanwhile, the missing drugs Syd stole forces a new enforcer of Knox’s to appear, getting Ray killed as a result and a break-in at her apartment restores some of Syd’s memories.

Episode 4 – Deja Vu

McKenna agrees to help Syd get the stolen Fentanyl into police custody without revealing their involvement. Syd and McKenna plan to sneak the drugs into a car shop where they know the LAPD is planning to raid. Alber informs them that he will lead the raid. McKenna calls in a gas leak to postpone the raid while Syd sneaks in. The raid still happens and they discover the fentanyl. Alber confronts McKenna and tells her that he suspects Syd was involved. Meanwhile, Izzy skips school to go to a prison and see Alice Kensler. She gets into the facility, but the guard identifies that she used a fake id and demands to see her real one. She is arrested and has to call for McKenna to pick her up from the jail.

Episode 5 – Farewell …

While trying to solve the brutal murder of a transgender woman, McKenna tries to help Izzy with her grief over her mother’s death, driving a wedge between her and her husband. Meanwhile, Syd faces her past when Hendrix forms a joint task force to take down Gabriel Knox.

Episode 6 – …My Lovely

As the Bens continue to investigate the murder of a transgender woman and her boyfriend, Dante teams up with Syd and McKenna to attempt a risky plan to discover Arlo’s real identity, who is threatening Syd’s closest friends.

Episode 7 – Book of Secrets

The aftermath of Syd’s meeting with Arlo in Santa Monica Pier leads to a surprising discovery for Syd. Nancy, Syd and the Bens are on the hunt for Arlo, while investigating an assault and homicide in life guard tower at the beach. Unfortunately, Dante finds Arlo before the others, making a decision that puts Nancy in a very difficult position.

Episode 8 – Dead Man Tell No Tales

Nancy is forced to come clean about her past to Patrick, as he presses her on about it after some investigation. Meanwhile, the Bens look into a case of a group of robbers that managed to break into a vault and steal millions of untraceable diamonds, and a homicide linked to the robbery.

Episode 9 – Dangerous Minds

Nancy, Syd and the Bens continue their investigation of the diamond robbery, which is linked to the cleaning company of a victim.

Episode 10 – Enemy of the State

The diamond investigation continues and leads them to a new discovery. Meanwhile, Nancy is cornered and forced to make a decision between her brother and her future.

Episode 11- Thief

Warren Hendrix reveals to Syd that he was Gabriel Knox. In Miami the DEA had set him up undercover as a crime king-pin. When the DEA shut down the Miami operation, Carlene Hart moved it to L.A. and continued on her own, pretending that Knox was still in the background. Also, a plastic surgeon is murdered and the Bens work the case.

Episode 12 – Armegeddon

After discovering that Carlene Hart is the mastermind behind the Knox operations during meeting in Duval’s home, Syd and Nancy have to move quickly to catch her before she disappears. With the help of a DEA contact, Carlene is able to buy 48 hours to move her operation and plan her escape. The DEA and Internal Affairs take over the operation, suspending Syd, Nancy and the Bens. The four officers manage to gain the upper hand, leaving Carlene desperate.After getting their hands on Carlene’s leverage on others, Syd uncovers the missing pieces of her time in Miami that leaves her devastated. Meanwhile, Izzy finally gets to sit down with Alice.

Episode 13 – Bad Girls

In retaliation to losing her leverage, Carlene kidnaps Izzy and Justice, McKenna and Baine’s kids. They negotiate an exchange of the kids for Carlene’s money.

Well I binged the first season on Netflix and I’m dying for the second season. I’m sad they already cancelled it. I won’t know how it ends until I watch the second season but I do hope it resolves a lot of questions the first season left off with. I found it funny, exciting, intriguing and intense. Not for kids in the slightest, I mean that nicely as the content isn’t appropriate for children to see or hear.

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