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After three years in prison, Cruella de Vil has been cured of her desire for fur coats by Dr. Pavlov. She is released on probation, but warned that if she breaks parole she will be forced to pay the remainder of her fortune, some eight million pounds, to all the dog shelters in Westminster. Cruella therefore mends her working relationship with her valet Alonzo, and has him lock away all her fur coats. Cruella’s probation officer, Chloe Simon, is the owner of Dipstick (one of the original 101, bought from the Dalmatian Plantation of Roger and Anita Dearly) and suspects Cruella will strike again.

Dipstick’s mate, Dottie, gives birth to three puppies: Domino, Little Dipper and Oddball, who appears to be an albino and begins to feel self-conscious about her lack of spots as she grows up. Cruella buys the Second Chance Dog shelter, owned by Kevin Shepherd, and saves it from insolvency, to restore her reputation. Meanwhile, Dr. Pavlov discovers that when his therapy’s subjects are subjected to loud noises, they revert to their original states, but conceals this discovery. Inevitably, when Big Ben rings in her presence, Cruella reverts to her former personality. She enlists the help of French furrier Jean-Pierre LePelt to steal Dalmatian puppies for a new fur coat with a hood, specifically modifying the original design to use Dipstick’s children.

During a nighttime date together, Kevin tells Chloe that, if Cruella violates her parole, her entire fortune will go to him, since his dog shelter is the only one currently operating in Westminster. Knowing this, Cruella has Kevin framed for the theft of the first ninety-nine puppies Le Pelt takes, also exploiting the fact that Kevin has a prior record of dog-napping. She invites Chloe and Dipstick to her house for a dinner party, to decoy them away while LePelt steals Dottie and her three puppies. Dipstick hurries back to the apartment and hides in LePelt’s truck, but is later captured at the train station. Chloe rushes home to save her pets, but arrives too late. She is joined by Kevin, who has escaped from prison with help from his dogs and talking scarlet macaw, Waddlesworth (who thinks he is a Rottweiler and later, a retriever). Kevin explains that his earlier conviction was for breaking animals out of a lab, where they were being used for experiments.

Upon finding a ticket for the Venice-Simplon Orient Express to Paris dropped by LePelt, Kevin and Chloe attempt and fail to stop Cruella and LePelt before they get on the train. Oddball and Waddlesworth manage to get on board the train, and Kevin and Chloe follow to Paris, where they free the dogs before being discovered and locked in a cellar. Cruella goes after the puppies alone, while Alonzo, having been scolded beyond his patience, defeats LePelt and frees Kevin and Chloe. They pursue Cruella to a bakery, and find that the puppies, led by Oddball, have tricked Cruella into being baked in an enormous cake. Cruella survives, and she and LePelt are both arrested.

Kevin and Chloe, the former exonerated from the theft accusation, return to London and are personally awarded the remnants of Cruella’s fortune by Alonzo himself. Oddball’s coat finally develops a few small spots, much to everyone’s surprise.

102 Dalmatians Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The true sequel to 101 Dalmatians both animated and to the Lice Action. This is a live action film featuring Glen Close and it is fantastic. It is adorable, cute, adventurous and so much. A great family movie that all will enjoy. Who doesn’t love puppies?

Raise your hand if you want Disney to bring a 101 Dalmatian ride.

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