Movie Review: Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp’s Adventure

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Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp’s Adventure Summary

Released on February 27, 2001, Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp’s Adventure was the sequel to Lady and the Tramp. The movie follows Scamp (Scott Wolf), who is Lady (Jodi Benson) and Tramp’s (Jeff Bennett). The movie begins on July 2, 1911, with Tramp, Lady, and there three daughters Annette, Danielle and Colette (Debi Derryberry and Kath Soucie) are seen but then the camera pans to see Scamp creating a big mess. To punish the puppy, Jim Dear (Nick Jameson), takes Scamp out to the dog house and chains him out. Disappointed in Scamp, Tramp goes out to see if he can help calm him down, how ever they just end up in an argument. Later scamp sees a pack of strays called the junkyard dogs harassing a dogcatcher outside of his yard. This intrigues him and Scamp decides to break free from the chain and run off. He ends up finding Angel another puppy, Who is part of the junkyard pack.

Meanwhile, Lady notices that Scamp has runaway and she alerts Tramp. Scam follows Angel to find the junkyard dogs with their leader buster but they don’t trust him right away. Buster gives scamp a test in which he must grab a tin can from a savage dog named Reggie. Scamp is successful but he does end up being chased by Reggie until a dog catcher grabs Reggie. The junkyard pack then head to the park where another member named Sparky tells a story about scams father Tramp. The story is about how Tramp escapes from a group of dog catchers. Buster, Who had been tramps friend, was angry that Trump turned into a house dog. Scamp was now in all of his father and how he used to be a junkyard dog. Scamp an angel narrowly escaped from a train and end up falling into a river. That is when they begin falling in love.

Scamp an angel go to find lady tramp Jim Dear, Darling, Jock and trusty who had all been out searching for Scamp. Now the angel has learned that he’s actually a house pet, she is upset with scamp because he rather be a street dog rather than being with a loving family. The following day Buster gives scamp his last test which is to steal food his own family. Tramp catches them and his disappointment in scamp and Buster‘s but has no control over the two so he ends up leaving to go home. Buster than takes care of his camp and his collar by biting it off. Angel then comes by angry that scamp continues to choose to be a street dog but also ends up revealing that she longs to be a house dog. Angel ends up running away and as camp tries to follow her but he is caught by the dogcatcher. Angel was looking on and runs to find tramp, together they take off to rescue scamp. At the pound scamp is attacked by Reggie in retaliation. Tramp arrives just in time to fight them off and tramp returns home with scam as and angel as Jim and darling decide to adopt angel.

Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp’s Adventure Review

Rating: 3 out of 5.

It was cute but felt like it didn’t add much to the story line. More like a repeat of the first film just with Scamp, who is Tramp and Lady’s son. Kids will enjoy it anyway. It is a forgotten straight-to-video sequel for a good reason.

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