Movie Review: Pinocchio (1940)

Want to show your child a classic Disney film? Pinocchio was the 2nd full feature film. It is cute, full of lessons but also very old school showing some inappropriate things. I would advise you to watch when your child is 5 and older only if they do not scare easily.

Narrated by Jiminy Cricket ( Cliff Edwards), is a story of a wish coming true. The film begins with  a wood carver, Geppetto ( Christian Rub) finishing a beautiful wooden marionette boy he named Pinocchio (Dickie Jones). Before falling asleep Geppetto wished upon a shooting star that Pinocchio was a real boy. in the middle of the night the blue fairy ( Evelyn Venable) brings Pinocchio to life, while still being a puppet. The deal the blue fairy makes is that he will become a real boy when he proves that he is brave , truthful and unselfish. To help Pinocchio, the blue fairy asks Jiminy Cricket to be his conscience. 

The next morning Geppetto discovers that Pinocchio is alive, He sends him to school after warning him about Honest John the fox (Walter Catlet) and Gideon the cat, who convinced Pinocchio to join Stromboli’s (Charles Judels) puppet show. Pinocchio got caught up in Stromboli’s scheme, ignoring Jiminy pleas, is visited by the blue fairy who asks “why aren’t you in school?” Pinocchio responds with lied only to find out that with each lie, his nose grows. Pinocchio promised to be good so the blue fairy set him free and reset his nose.

On the way home Pinocchio is approached by Honest John the Fox who now convinces him to go to Pleasure Island. On the way they meet a naught boy Lampwick (Frankie Darro) who goes with them. While on Pleasure Island all the boys engage in sinful behavior such as smoking tobacco, gambling, vandalism and getting drunk. Jimmy was heading home when he discovers that the boys are being turned into donkey’s in order to be sold for labor. Jimmy hurries to warn Pinocchio, who was partially changed and Lampwick was a donkey already. Only Pinocchio was able to escape the coach man. Jimmy and Pinocchio return home to find a letter written by the blue fairy stating that Geppetto went looking for Pinocchio but was stalled by Monster the sperm whale. Jimmy and Pinocchio set out to save Geppetto , which the succeed but Pinocchio is no longer alive. 

As the town mourns Pinocchio, the blue fairy makes Pinocchio into a real boy because he proved himself to be brave, truthful and unselfish. The blue fairy also rewards Jiminy cricket with a gold badge and is officially Pinocchio’s conscience.

Watching the classics is fun. Knowing that everything was hand drawn from the background to the characters to all the little details. It is incredible to see the revolution of Disney animated films. But of course the most memorable is Jiminy Cricket full of his wisdom. If you haven’t noticed the little kitten is Figaro, the same that became Minnie Mouse’s cat,

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