Movie Review: Tinker Bell

The 1st film in the Disney fairies series, this film was released straight to video on September 18th, 2008. The movie begins with explaining how fairies are born from a babies first laugh. We follow the birth of Tinker Bell (Mae Whittman) who is brought to Pixie Hollow by the winds. She quickly learns that her talent is being a tinker, with Clan (Jeff Bennett) and Bobble (Rob Paulsen) showing her around and how the fairies are preparing to bring spring to the mainland.

While out learning her job, she meets a water fairy named Silvermist (Lucy Liu), Rossetta (Kristin Chenoworth) a garden fairy, Iridessa (Raven Symone) a light fairy and an animal fairy named Fawn (America Ferrara). She notices Vidia (Pamela Arlon) a fast flying fairy, working. Tink goes to greet Vidia but Vidia is instantly annoyed. Video challenges Tink to get to the mainland. Tink takes it upon herself to make several new inventions and brings them to show the Minister of Spring (Steve Valentine) and Queen Clarion (Anjelica Houston), who break it to her that only the nature talented fairies get to go to the mainland.

Tink takes it upon herself to try to be a nature talented fairy. With the help of Silvermist, Rosetta, Fawn and Iridessa showing her how their skills work but Tink fails everytime. When Tink returns, Fairy Mary is disappointed in her actions. Tink flies away towards the beach but she gets distracted by lost things. Gathering them up, she runs into a music box. She starts figuring out how to put it back together. Her friends come to find her and tell her that she’s tinkering and thats what she’s good at. Still upset and wanting to o to mainland. Tink finds Vidia and asks if she will teach her how to be a fast flying fairy. Video tells her to capture thistles to prove her skills.

Tink goes and starts rounding up the thistles fairly successfully until Vidia comes by. Seeing the good job Tink is doing, Vidia releases the thistles. Tink sees them loose and tries to stop them but she and the thistles end up destroying the preparations for spring, putting them all behind on changing the seasons on the mainland.

Upset and disappointed in herself, Tin decides to leave Pixie Hollow but meets Terrance (Jesse McCartney) a light keeper fairy who tells her how important er job is. Tink returns to the Tinkers workshop and invents machines to quicken the work of the nature – talented fairies and get them back on schedule. Showing Queen Clarion and the Minister of Spring, Tin saved the arrival of Spring and is allowed to go to the mainland. Queen Clarion asks Tink to bring the music box to the little girl who lost it.

Spring arrives and the fairies go to the mainland to work their magic. Tin brings the music box back to the little girl who ends up being Wendy Darling.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I needed a break from my Star Wars Watching to keep fresh mind. So I picked Tinker Bell who is my favorite Disney character. I love Tink so much that as a Cast Member, Tink was on my name tag. I know most hate her because of how she was from Peter Pan but there was more to Tinker Bell. Now this film introduced Tinker Bell and her beginning. It gave a hint to her traveling back to London, which we saw she did with Peter Pan, but this film truly focused on Tinker Bell’s back story. I know I’m a grown adult and funny enough I’m rocking my Tinker Bell tank top today but this film is great for all ages. It focuses on team work, friendship and using your strengths. I’m also going to add that I have questions pending on Tinker Bell, despite seeing all the films. From that I have a theory so stay tuned.

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