Movie Review: Ratatouille (2007)

Released on June 22nd, 2007, Ratatouille was co written by Brad Bird and Jan Pinkava. Jan Pinkava had begun working on the concept in 2000. In 2005, Brad Bird was asked to direct the film. In order to revise the film, he and a few fellow animators visited Paris for inspiration. Brad Bird even interned at Thomas Keller’s The French Laundry where he learned about french food. 

The movie beings with a young rat named Remy (Patton Oswalt). Who has a “highly developed sense of taste and smell.” While raiding an old woman’s house for food, Remy stops to notice that his idol Chef Auguste Gusteau (Brad Garrett), had died and was on the news on the woman’s television. The woman wakes up and sees Remy. She grabs her shotgun and starts shooting. She shot so much that part of her ceiling comes crashing down causing Remy’s colony to scatter. Remy got separated  from his family. Remy gets washed into the sewers under Paris.

Remy goes high above ground only to realize that he’s at Gusteau’s restaurant. On the roof, Remy looks through the skylight and watches as Skinner (Ian Holm), the new owner and Gusteau’s souls- chef, hire Alfred Linguini (Lou Romano) as a garbage boy. As Linguini is cleaning he accidentally knocks over the pot of soup. Linguini scrambles to recreate it but is messing up. Remy finds a way into the kitchen. When no one is looking, Remy starts fixing the soup but Linguini catches him. 

As Skinner returns to speak with Linguini, Linguini hides Remy. While the two are arguing, a server dishes out a bowl of soup and takes it to a customer. In shock, they ask to see the soup’s creator, which they assumed was Linguini. The rest of the staff convince Skinner to keep Linguini on.

Skinner sees Remy trying to escape and orders Linguini to kill it. Linguini takes Remy outside and quickly learns of Remy’s intelligence and talents. Instead of killing him, Linguini keeps him. They find a way to hide Remy in Linguin’s hat and Remy is able to control Linguini through his hair.

The next day, Skinner orders Colette (Janeane Garofalo), the only female chef, to train Linguini. Meanwhile, Skinner discovers that Linguini is the heir to the restaurant as Gusteau’s illegitimate son. Remy finds this evidence and gives it to Linguini. Skinner is fired and the restaurant continues to thrive with the help of Remy’s recipes. As a romance begins to develop between Colette and Linguini, Remy feels left out. Remy learns that his family are now in Paris, settling underground, near Gusteau’s. Remy’s father, Django (Brian Dennehy), tries to convince his son of how horrible humans are, but this only upsets Remy more, causing him to return to the restaurant. 

The following morning, they are informed that Anton Ego (Peter O’Toole), France’s top critic, would be dining the next day. Ego had previously reviewed Gusteau’s, costing him a star and that lead to Gusteau’s heart attack. Remy and Linguini, along with the kitchen staff, prepare for Ego’s visit but Remy and Linguini get into a heated argument. In retaliation, Remy brings his clan to the restaurant to raid it. As the colony is ransacking the pantry, Skinner sneaks in and catches Remy. Django and Emile (Peter Sohn), Remy’s brother, rescue Remy.

The morning of Ego’s visit, Linguini comes into the kitchen to see it destroyed. Without cooking skills, Linguini cant recreate Remy’s dishes. Remy returns to apologize but instead, Linguini admits to the truth. Linguini reveals that its been Remy the whole time. The staff is so upset that they leave but Colette returns only because of Gusteau’s motto: anyone can cook. Remy’s colony returns with Django’s lead to help.

Linguini waits tables while Remy and the rats make confit balding, also known as Ratatouille. Ego is impressed and the dish reminds him of his mother’s cooking. Ego requests to see the chef, Colette and Linguini tell him to wait until all the customers have left before revealing that Remy was the chef. Ego rites a positive review calling Remy “the finest chef in France.”

Gusteau’s is shut down once it is revealed that rats are in the restaurant and Ego loses his job. Together, Ego, Collete and Linguini fund and open a bistro called La Ratatouille, still Remy cooks, and his colony resides in the roof.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Ratatouille is a big favorite in this household. So much so we needed a break. Matthew adores it. Matthew has preference to Pixar films. Maybe its the CGI, maybe its the storyline, or maybe that Pixar isn’t breaking out into song every few minutes (yes my 8 year old really does complain). As a mom and Disney lover, well I love it for the bits of comedy, life lessons and how unrealistic it is. Also as per usual, it has some great Easter eggs to find. If you remember any, comment down below what they are.

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