Movie Review: Enchanted (2007)

This Musical Romantic Comedy is the first hybrid in a long time. Released on November 21, 2007, screenwriter Bill Kelly and director  Kevin Lima, wanted to pay respects to previous works by adding a lot of fun references in. It was also the first film since 2004 to use hand drawn animation as well as CGI, since Disney announced that they would only be using CGI. 

In the  animated kingdom of Andalusia, Queen Narissa (Susan Sarandon) who is the queen and a witch, plans to protect her claim to the throne by distracting Prince Edward (James Marsden), her stepson,  from finding his true love. Meanwhile a young woman, Giselle (Amy Adams), dreamed of meeting her Prince Charming and living the “happily ever after” life. With the help of her best friend Pip (Jeff Bennett/Kevin Lima), a chipmunk, and her other animal friends, they created a statue of her true love. While adding the mouth on, Edward hears Giselle singing in the forest and takes off to find her. Trying to stop the prince, Nathaniel (Timothy Spall), Queen Narissa’s henchman, sets free a troll to stop the two from falling in love but his trap failed. Prince Edward rescues Giselle in time and the two instantly fall in love and plan on marrying the following day.

The following morning Narissa disguises as an old hag to stop Giselle from attending her wedding. Narissa pushes Giselle into a magic well, sending her to a manhole in New York City where she becomes a real human, centered in Times Square. Giselle now lost, pumps into Robert (Patrick Dempsey), a divorce lawyer,  and Morgan (Rachel Covey) his son. A reluctant Robert agrees that she can stay at their apartment when Morgan insists. 

Back in Anadalusia, Pip goes to find Prince Edward after watching Giselle fall into the well. The two go on to find Giselle, following her through the portal turning into real life versions. Nathaniel also follows, still determined to end the marriage on Narissa’s orders. Narissa uses her magic to send Nathaniel three poisoned apples to use on Giselle. Pip overhears and tries to warn Edward but Nathaniel captures him in a variety of containers in a restaurant. 

The next morning while Giselle gets vermin to help her clean, Nancy (Idina Menzel), Robert’s long term girlfriend arrives to pick up Morgan for school. She meets Giselle in the apartment and assumes Robert was unfaithful, leaving angry. Robert is also upset but realizes how vulnerable Giselle is being out of place. Giselle asks questions about the relationship between  Robert and Nancy before Giselle sends Nancy an invite to a costume ball to get the two back together. Prince Edward finally finds Giselle at the apartment. Edward plans on bringing Giselle back to Andalusia to marry her but Giselle tells him how she wants to go on a date first and attend the ball before returning home. 

Fast forward to the ball, Narissa reappears as the old hag, poisoning Giselle herself when Nathaniel couldn’t get the job done. Just after Robert and Giselle share a dance, Edward was taking her back home but at the offer of an apple from the old lady, Giselle takes a bite, causing her to go into a coma. While trying to escape with Giselle’s body, Edward stops Narissa. Edward realizes what happened and tries to wake Giselle with true love’s kiss but was unsuccessful. Edward asks Robert to try, the two share a kiss at the strike of midnight, waking Giselle. An angry Narissa turns into a dragon and grabs Robert before climbing to the top of the building. Giselle follows with Edwards sword in hand and Pip, who had been freed by Edward, to force Narissa to fall to her death and saving Robert. 

The movie ends with Edward and Nancy falling in love and returning to Andalusia to marry while Robert and Giselle get married, becoming a happy family with Morgan. Giselle opens her own successful fashion business and Nathaniel and Pip both becoming authors. 

Rating: 2 out of 5.

I know a few enjoy Enchanted but it just makes me cringe. Its hard to explain why but I am not a fan of the whole fan of the transition in storytelling from animation to live action. Giselle constantly breaking out into song and being far too innocent is well annoying as well. I do give Enchanted credit for a great cast line up and for the Easter eggs like Jodi Benson, she plays Ariel from the Little Mermaid, is just one example.

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