Movie Review: The Rescuers Down Under (1990)

Disney’s 29th feature film was released November 16th, 1990. It is the sequel to the Rescuers, which was released in 1977. Both films were based on Megan Sharp’s novels however in The Rescuers Down Under, the movie is set in the Australian Outback.

In the Outback, Cody (Adam Ryen), a young boy, finds and rescues a rare golden eagle. Cody learns that the birds name is Marahuté and the two become friends. Marahuté takes Cody to her nest and shows her eggs to him. On his way home, Cody falls into a trap set by the local poacher, Perceval C. McLeach (George C. Scott).  When McLeah sees that Cody has one of Marahuté’s feathers, McLeah realizes that the boy knows the nest location. McLeah throws Cody’s backpack to crocodiles to trick the rangers so he can kidnap Cody. McLeach reveals he already killed Marahuté’s mate and intends to kill her too.

A mouse, which was bait in the trap, quickly runs off to tell the Rescue Aid Society what happened. They send a telegram to the New York City headquarters where Bianca (Eva Gabor) and Bernard (Bob Newhart) are assigned the case, just as Bernard was trying to propose to her. Bianca and Bernard go searching for their friend Orville, an albatross, who helped them in the last mission but instead find his brother Wilbur (John Candy). Bianca and Bernard convince Wilbur to help by flying them to Australia. 

When Bianca and Bernard land in the Outback, they meet Jake, a mouse whom became obsessed with Bianca. Jake (Tristan Rogers) was the local R.A.S operative and offered to be their tour guide. Wilbur flew the three mice around looking for Cody but accidentally twists his neck the wrong way, injuring himself. Jake sends Wilbur to the hospital, an abandoned ambulance where mice are the medical staff. Wilbur refuses the surgery the mice insist on and fights back curing his problem. Wilbur escapes the mice and goes searching for Bianca and Bernard.

Meanwhile Cody is tied up with other animals, McLeach does everything he can to get Cody to spill but nothing works. Cody had enough and tries to escape but McLeah’s pet iguana, Joanna, stops him. Figuring out that Marahuté’s eggs are Cody’s weak spot. McLeah releases him but only after convincing him that someone else killed  Marahuté. Just as McLeah was going to trail Cody, Bianca and Bernard and Jake arrive catching McLeah’s truck. The three mice arrive at the nest just as Cody does and tries to warn him but Marahuté quickly arrives and all of them were captured. Bernard tricks Joanna into eating an egg shaped rock so she will leave. Meanwhile Wilbur sits on the eggs to protect them so Bernard can go rescue the others.

Bernard arrives just in time to Crocodile falls where Cody is being hung over a group of crocodiles. Riding a wild razorback pig, Bernard disables , McLeach’s vehicle, then tricks  Joanna into knocking both herself and McLeach into the water where the crocodiles are. Cody’s rope drops but Bernard is able to hold it until Jake and Bianca free Marahuté who saves Cody and Bernard just as they all go over the waterfall.Before anything else goes wrong, Bernard proposes to Bianca who gratefully accepted. They take Cody home just as Marahuté’s eggs hatch under Wilbur’s charge.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

A completely underrated film. This is the sequel but both are well worth watching and not very dark for being released in the 90s. It is great for kids and parents alike. There was a bit of controversy with it due to the SFX (special effects team) spelling out those letters in the sky in one scene but parents thought it spelled sex. There are a few other Easter eggs in the film linking it to the Disney Universe, do you know what they are? Comment down below if you do.

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