Movie Review: The Rescuers (1977)

Released on June 22nd, 1977, The Rescuers follow the two mice of Miss Bianca (Eva Gabor), a Hungarian representative, and Bernard (Bob Newhart) the American mouse who team up under they were alerted about a case. A note in a bottle, pleading for help, had washed up in New York City, where the Rescue Aid Society had found it. It was brought up during an international meeting being held at the United Nations when Bianca had volunteered. To keep Bianca safe, Bernard, who was really just the janitor, agrees to go with her to save the little girl.

The two mice arrive in the town where the young girl Penny (Michelle Stacy), was living. They went to the orphanage where she was supposed to be but her cat Rufus (John McIntire) told them of an old woman named Madame Medusa (Geraldine Page), who had tried to lure the little girl previously. Bianca and Bernard learn of the pawn shop Medusa owns. While sneaking about they discover that she and Mr. Snoops (Joe Flynn), her partner in crime, were trying to find the world’s largest diamond, called the Devil’s eye. Not finding Penny, Medusa or Mr. Snoopes in the store. Bernard and Bianca head to the bayou. With the help of Evrinrude (James MacDonald) the a dragon fly and Orville (Jim Jordon) an albatross, the mice get to the abandoned river boat where Penny is being held captive. The boat is guarded by two alligators, Brutus and Nero (Candy Candido), who the mice were able to sneak around to reach Penny. Telling her that they would get her out, the mice ask Evrinrude to alert the local animals of the situation. He flies but had to hide until morning due to a flock of bats.

Meanwhile on the following  day, Medusa and Snoopes take Penny to a cave to find the gem, lowering her down in the tiny space. With the help of Bianca and Bernard, they find the diamond, prying it from a pirates skull. Suddenly the tide rises and the three barely escape with diamond in hand. Medusa grabs the diamond and hides it in Penny’s teddy bear, lying to Snoopes, whom shes holding at gun point. Thanks to the quick thinking of Bianca and Bernard, they set a trap tripping Medusa. The local animals come in for the attack, allowing Penny, Bianca and Bernard an opportunity to escape. They climb into Medusa’s airboat and get away.

Back at the Rescue Aid Society, the mice watch a news report on the incident. The diamond had been donated to the Smithsonian Museum and Penny had been adopted. Interrupted by a phone call, Evrinrude alerts Bianca and Bernard of a new crises, sending them off for another adventure.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Well I posted about The Rescuers Down Under, which is the sequel, a few days ago. Probably should have posted the reviews in oder but oh well. The Rescuers is just as equally underrated. Everyone is focused on the newer films or Princess films but there is so much more out there that is worthy of watching, this being one. It is lightly dark but kid appropriate and will bring back memories for most adults. There are also a few Easter eggs sprinkled in. Do you know what they are?

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