Movie Review: Cinderella (1950)

Cinderella released on March 4th, 1950, is based on the fairy tale Cinderella by Charles Perrault. This was Disney’s twentieth film but he already in debt by over $ 4 million dollars after suffering the loss of connections thanks to World War II and having failed release of Pinocchio, Fantasia and Bambi, Relying on the success of the film, Disney sent all of his Nine old men to work on this film, which not only saved Disney from going bankrupt but also was “considered one of the best American animated films ever selected by thee American Film Institute.”

The movie begins with a young girl, Cinderella (Helene Stanely) waking up to begin catering to her stepmother Lady Tremaine (Eleanor Audley) and two stepsisters Anastasia (Helene Stanely) and Drizella (Roda Williams) after having lost both her parents. Due to jealousy, Cinderella is forced to be the maid and has help from her mice friends ( Jimmy MacDonald).

Meanwhile, The King and Grand Duke (Louis Van Rooten) are throwing a ball for the still unmarried Prince Charming (Jeffery Stone). Requesting all eligible maidens, Lady Tremaine receives word and rushes to prepare her two daughters while overloading Cinderella with chores, but she agrees to allow Cinderella to attend if her chores are complete and she finds a suitable dress.

Thankfully, Cinderella had one of her mother’s dresses but doesn’t ave time to refashion it due to all the extra work. Luckily, Cinderella’s mice friends help her while she scrubs the house. Surprisingly enough, Cinderella is ready for the ball just in time. Her sisters tore her dress when they realize that its made from the scraps of theirs. Her dress in ruins, Cinderella storms out to the garden, there her fairy godmother (Claire Du Brey) appears, Not taking no for an answer, Fairy Godmother uses magic to transform her dress, change a pumpkin into a coach, mice to horses, the horse to a coachman and the dog to a footman. Warning Cinderella that the magic will wear off when the clock strikes midnight, before sending her off.

Arriving at the ball, Cinderella enchants the Prince with just one look and they dance until the clock strikes midnight. Remembering Fairy Godmother’s words, Cinderella runs out of the castle losing one of her glass slippers on the steps. Hiding in the woods with her animals, the royal guards pass searching for the mysterious girl.

Cinderella makes it back home with her secret intact, she pretends she never left home. Lady Tremaine, Anastasia and Drizella return home gossiping and bragging about the ball,. Back at the castle Prince Charming desperate to find his mastery girl, takes the glass slipper and tries it on every maiden in his kingdom. Hearing this, Lady Tremaine locks Cinderella in her room and desperately tries to get the glass slipper to fit her daughter’s feet. With failure, the Grand Duke and Prince Charming are about to leave when Cinderella escapes with help from her mice friends.

As the Prince was asking his footman for the slipper, Lady Tremaine trips him, causing the slipper to fall and break. Thankfully Cinderella brought the matching shoe, putting it on to reveal her secret. The movie ends with Prince Charming and Cinderella’s wedding.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

The classic Disney Cinderella movie. The OG Cinderella, is magical to say the least. Growing up she was one of my least favorites but as an adult I can appreciate all the work Cinderella did. I do have some issues. Firstly, Cinderella was the only women in the kingdom with a tiny shoe size? Secondly wasn’t that shoe uncomfortable? And thirdly, the Prince couldn’t even recognize her without the shoe, was he even in love with her? The original story of Cinderella is actually quiet dark but this brings light to the film. Also Gus Gus and Jacques are my two favorite mice. If mice were like them, I would have mice as pets too.

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