T.V. Series Review: Hannah Montana Season 1 (2006)

The first season of the television series Hannah Montana was aired on Disney Channel from March 24, 2006 to March 30, 2007, and included 26 episodes. It introduces the five main characters of the series and Miley Stewart’s situation of living a secret double life as a teen pop star. The season also introduces several significant recurring characters such as Roxy Roker, Jake Ryan, and Rico Suave.

Episode 1 – Lilly, Do You want to Know a Secret?

Lilly Truscott (Emily Osment) buys two tickets to see a Hannah Montana concert for her and her best friend Miley (Miley Cyrus). Because Miley secretly is Hannah Montana, she says she can’t go, so Lilly goes to the concert with Oliver Oken (Miley and Lilly’s friend). After sneaking into her dressing room, she finds out that Miley is Hannah Montana, so Miley shows Lilly her secret Hannah closet. However, when Lilly tries to convince Miley she should tell her secret to her school, Miley tells Lilly why it’s a terrible idea, and they get into a fight, but make up soon after. Meanwhile, Jackson (Miley’s older brother) tries to impress a girl by telling her he knows Hannah Montana and could get free tickets for her next show.

Episode 2 – Miley Get Your Gum

Oliver still doesn’t know Miley is Hannah. When he tells her that he loves Hannah, Miley and Lilly try to get him to turn his attention to other girls, since Miley is worried that if she told him the truth he’d be in love with her too. The girls come up with a plan to get Oliver to hate Hannah. Oliver and Hannah meet up at Malibu beach and she chews gum since Oliver hates it, but the plan backfires. Eventually, Miley reveals to Oliver that she is Hannah Montana, causing him to faint. Meanwhile, Jackson accidentally buys a “girl’s car”, and he tries to get Robby to get rid of it.

Episode 3 – She’s a Supersneak

Despite their father telling them that they can’t go to a movie premiere because they have to study for their mid-terms, Miley sneaks out with Lilly and Oliver after they convince her, while Jackson also sneaks out separately with his friend Cooper. When they both find out that they sneaked out, they see Robby with a woman at the movie theater when he said he was attending a meeting, so they try to find more information about the woman. Miley gets upset, thinking Robbie is trying to replace her mother, who died three years ago, which in the series is who she wrote the song “I Miss You” for.

Episode 4 – Can’t Make You Love Hannah if You Don’t

Miley has a crush on a ninth grader at school, but finds out that he hates Hannah Montana. Miley decides to forget about him, but then he says he will take her to a Hannah Montana concert to give Hannah a chance. At the concert, Miley runs back and forth, trying to do the concert and be with him at the same time. After several times of going back and forth, the guy leaves without telling Miley. At the end of the episode, Miley is sad, but her father tells her that someday she’ll meet a guy who likes everything about her.

Episode 5 – It’s My Party and I’ll Lie if I Want to

Because she is embarrassing, Traci (Hannah’s producer’s daughter) uninvites Lola (Lilly) to T-Swizzles, and Miley has to hide it from her. The next day, newspaper headlines sport out Hannah “attacking” a paparazzi for taking photographs, and Miley tries to hide the evidence that she went to the party, since she told Lilly it was cancelled. Meanwhile, Jackson’s hair is being used by a girl named Nina to practice her hair-styling techniques. What Jackson doesn’t know is that she was hired by Rico to do so.

Episode 6 – Grandmas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Play Favorites

Hannah gets to perform in front of Her Majesty The Queen and her granddaughter, but a visit from Miley and Jackson’s grandma “Mammaw” makes Miley feel hurt because she’s here for Jackson’s volleyball tournament. The queen is late for Hannah’s performance, which stalls the tournament. Hannah finishes her song quickly, making just enough time to make it to the end of Jackson’s tournament, but at the same time trying to not let fans mob her at the last minute.

Episode 7 – It’s a Mannequin’s World

Miley fears that Robby will get her a horrible birthday present after having horrific experiences with her previous ones, so she sends Lilly to help Robby pick an awesome birthday present, while Miley poses as the store’s Hannah Montana mannequin. When she thinks he is getting her a jacket she liked, Robbie actually bought her a kitty sweater that meows when you press it, which makes Miley feel embarrassed towards others who are making fun of her. Meanwhile, Jackson has troubles delivering a cake to Miley’s birthday party, so Cooper helps him.

Episode 8 – Mascot Love

Miley and Lilly want to spend more time together, so they try out for cheerleading. Unfortunately, Lilly makes the squad while Miley becomes the mascot, which makes her jealous. Meanwhile, Robby bets Jackson $50 that he can’t fix the sink.

Episode 9 – Ooo, Ooo, Itchy Woman

After finding out Miley and Lilly have to share a tent with Amber and Ashley on a class camping trip, they hatch a plan to get back at them. This backfires when they catch poison oak. Meanwhile, Jackson and Robby try to catch a mouse.

Episode 10 – O Say, Can You Remember the Words?

Miley and Oliver get partnered up for a project by performing a play, but Miley bails on Oliver after telling Robby that he is a horrible partner. This causes her to forget the words to the American national anthem at a basketball game. Meanwhile, Jackson goes on a sugar high after keeping Rico’s candy away from him.

Episode 11 – Oops! I Meddled Again!

Miley and Lilly receive a Hannah e-mail from a girl at Miley’s school who informs them that she likes Oliver. They try to set them up together, and backfires when she sends them an e-mail that she wants to break up with her “boyfriend”, which makes Lilly and Miley think that she wanted to break up with Oliver. However, it was really her ex-boyfriend that she wanted to dump. Meanwhile, Rico makes Jackson wear a chicken suit to advertise Rico’s chicken wings due to something Cooper said and gets humiliated repeatedly as a result of it.

Episode 12 – On the Road Again?

Hannah befriends Maddie Fitzpatrick at the Tipton, who informs her on how famous Robbie Ray once was and claiming Hannah’s “holding him back”. This makes Miley feel guilty for forcing him to end his own singing career to begin Hannah’s, and vows to get her father back on track. But when Robbie takes an offer to a week tour, Miley and Jackson are stuck with Hannah’s (Miley) body guard, Roxy. At the end, Maddie gets to meet Miley too, until Roxy goes too far literally protecting Miley.

Episode 13 – You’re So Vain, You Probably Thin This Zit is About You

Miley tries, but fails, not to be bothered over an unflattering Hannah Montana billboard in hopes of making Lilly feel less self-conscious about having to wear her eyeglasses for a skateboarding competition after she loses her contacts, with Miley convincing Lilly that looks don’t matter. Meanwhile, Rico tricks Jackson to become his magic assistant, making him wear a red sparkling dress with a red sparkling tiara, and be named “The Lovely Tina”, although Jackson gets revenge on Rico in the end.

Episode 14 – New Kid in School

Superstar Jake Ryan from the TV series “Zombie High” enrolls in Miley’s school. Miley becomes jealous of how he’s being treated at school because of his fame and as a result tells a reporter about her secret identity and afterward has to convince the reporter that it’s all in her head. Meanwhile Jackson borrows and scratches Robbie’s new car while picking up a girl he’s dating and Robbie rips the front passenger door off Jackson’s old car.

Episode 15 – More Than a Zombie to Me

Jake Ryan asks Miley to the school dance but she turns him down both times. After Hannah guest stars on Jake’s TV show and almost kisses him, Miley realizes that she really does have feelings for him, so she tries to get him to take her back, but he’s already taking Lilly to the dance. Meanwhile, Robby and Jackson pull pranks on each other to see who’s the prank master, which makes them not answer the door to a ten million dollar check.

Episode 16 – Good Goofy, Miss Dolly

When Miley’s godmother, Aunt Dolly (Dolly Parton) visits Malibu, she accidentally records a video tape of Miley saying that she’s “totally in love” with Jake and then Oliver mixes it up with his own tape which Jake has to edit. Aunt Dolly also turns the house more girly and pink, sending Robby and Jackson to extremes to preserve their “manliness”.

Episode 17 – Torn Between Two Hannahs

Miley’s evil identical cousin, Luann (Miley Cyrus) from Tennessee visits, and disguises herself as Hannah in order to reveal Miley’s secret at Traci Van Horne’s Halloween party. Meanwhile, Robby and Jackson decorate their house to make it look scarier than Dontzig’s.

Episode 18 – People Who Use People

Miley and Jake date other people in order to make each other jealous of the other, though it results in the pair kissing; Jackson uses Robby to get an “A” in Math class by hooking him up with his strict teacher, Ms. Kunkle.

Episode 19 – Money For Nothing, Guilt for Free

Miley uses her Hannah Montana power to her full advantage as she competes in a fund-raising event against Amber and Ashley to help Sarah; Jackson tries to beat Robby at a game after learning that all his previous ‘victories’ only happened because Robby was letting Jackson win.

Episode 20 – Debt it Be

Miley and Jackson both receive new credit cards and promise to use them in “emergencies only”, but Lilly convinces her to go to a flea market with her credit card, and buys almost everything there. In order to pay off the bill, she sells Hannah’s used clothes and accessories that she thinks that she’ll “probably never have to wear again”. When she finds out a pair of earrings from a video shoot are worth more money than she sold them for, she and Jackson go to extremes to retrieve them from the little old lady who bought them.

Episode 21 – My Boyfriend’s Jackson and There’s Gonna Be Trouble

When a tabloid picture makes Hannah and Jackson look like a couple, Jackson takes advantage of being Hannah’s “boyfriend” for the perks; Oliver works on a school project with Sarah, and ends up liking her.

Episode 22 – We Are Family, Now Get Me Some Water!

Miley accidentally gets Jackson fired from Rico’s after harassing Rico to give Jackson a raise, so she hires him as Hannah’s “personal assisticant” with disastrous results; Rico hires Oliver at his shop to replace Jackson.

Episode 23 – Schooly Bully

Roxy disguises herself as a new student at Miley’s school in order to protect Miley from getting beaten up by a bully; Robby and Jackson get snowed in at a cabin with a creepy owner (Kenneth Mars) and his equally creepy ventriloquist dummy.

Episode 24- The Idol Side of Me

Hannah participates in Singing with the Stars, a contest that consists of amateurs paired with celebrities. Miley gets Amber in the top three with the intention of humiliating her, but later regrets it. Jackson and Robby are annoyed by Dontzig’s dog.

Episode 25 – Smells Like Teen Sellout

Hannah agrees to endorse a new fragrance, which smells like raspberries, but can’t stand its smell because of a horrid childhood disaster where she threw up on the governor of Tennessee after winning a pie-eating contest in 1999; Jackson tries out for a television survival program with disastrous results.

Episode 26 – Bad Moose Rising

Jackson arranges for Miley to learn what it’s like to be the older sibling by having her babysit Dontzig’s bratty niece until finding out her uncle was pretending to be sick. Robby gets over a cold with help from Roxy and her rather odd home remedies.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I grew up on Hannah Montana, It came out as I was in my freshman year of high school but it was relatable, mostly. I wasn’t a Miley but I was a mix of Lilly and Miley. I’m no super pop star, nor do I ever want to be but I was involved in Shakespeare at a production company for kids. I loved performing back then, I was also a swimmer and soccer player. Life was busy back then. One or two best friends was all you needed. Now with it being on Disney +, my 8 year old has discovered Hannah Montana and loves to watch the series. It puts you in a good mood with the music, teaches lessons and it is funny. I highly recommend it.

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