T.V. Series Review: Hannah Montana Season 2 (2007)

The second season of Hannah Montana aired on Disney Channel from April 23, 2007 to October 12, 2008. Production of the season began in November 2006, and ended on September 21, 2007. During this season Miley and Lilly fight more, Oliver gets an alibi to hang out with Hannah Montana and Miley grows closer to Oliver.

Episode 1 – Me and Rico Down by the Schoolyard

Miley, Lilly, and Oliver start high school and Rico (who is also in high school after skipping a few grades) soon learns what he thinks is Miley’s “big secret” and blackmails her with it by making her be his girlfriend. Lilly and Oliver later learn that the “secret” was just Miley’s attachment to her teddy bear. At the end, Rico makes Miley feel bad so she tells him to kiss her on the cheek, but he turns his head and he kisses her on the lips. Meanwhile, Jackson’s new friend Thor causes him major humiliation.

Episode 2 – Cuffs Will Keep Us Together

Miley and Lilly start a fight after Lilly doesn’t choose Miley first in a flag football game in gym class. After Oliver gets annoyed with their behavior, he handcuffs them together right before Hannah’s big award show. The girls have to work it out so Hannah can get ready. Robby gives Jackson the silent treatment when he gets tired of telling Jackson the same thing multiple times.

Episode 3 – You are Sue-able to Me

Lilly gets asked out to a dance, but Miley thinks she acts too much like “one of the guys” and gives her a big makeover, however the person who asks her out doesn’t like “the new Lilly” so he stands Lilly up, prompting Miley and Lilly to take him to “The Teen Court” (A TV show involving teens on ‘trial’ for causing pain and humiliation to others). Jackson wins two tickets to the Lakers game and invites Thor, but Robby assumes that it will be a “father and son” outing, leaving Jackson trying to decide between the two without hurting the other’s feelings. At the end of the episode Miley realizes it was wrong to change Lilly.

Episode 4 – Get Down, Study-udy-udy

When Miley receives a poor mid-term grade in Biology, Robby says she must ace her mid-term exam or it’s no European tour for Hannah. Meanwhile, Jackson volunteers to take care of Thor’s pet parrot, Snowball, but the talking bird creates problems for Jackson.

Episode 5 – I Am Hannah, Hear Me Croak

Miley loses her voice after six encores at a Hannah concert, and learns that only surgery will fix the problem. Fearful of what a botched surgery could do to her career, Miley’s late mom (Brooke Shields) appears in Miley’s dreams to reassure her that nothing would change if Miley’s surgery didn’t go right. In the end, Robby has a separate dream involving Miley and her mother.

Episode 6 – You Gotta Not Fight for Your Right to Party

After Jackson’s bathroom is destroyed, Robby makes Miley share hers with him, resulting in a war between Miley and Jackson. Robby grounds Miley and Jackson because of the fighting but they sneak out using Thor’s truck. When the truck nearly falls off a cliff (that turns out to be no higher than 2 feet) they managed to escape, they are brought closer together. Meanwhile, Lilly and Oliver disguise themselves as Miley and Jackson to hide their absence from Robby.

Episode 7 – My Best Friend’s Boyfriend

Lilly dates a boy, Lucas, and she realizes he is the greatest boyfriend she ever has, and Miley couldn’t be happier for her, but eventually becomes annoyed with their affection. Miley catches Lucas kissing another girl and tells Lilly about it, but she thinks that Miley is jealous and snubbed her. Lilly then finds that Miley is right about Lucas and dumps him. Meanwhile, Rico sets an alarm system because someone or something stole his sunglasses. But Jackson gets annoyed by the alarm system.

Episode 8 – Take This Job and Love It

Hannah volunteers Roxy to work for President Martinez after she ruins Hannah’s date with her backup dancer. Meanwhile, Jackson pretends to be a professional motor-cross racer to impress a girl.

Episode 9 – Achy Jakey Heart Part 1

When Jake returns and re-kindles his relationship with Miley, she begins to feel guilty for keeping her “Hannah” secret from him. When Jackson gets fired, he and Oliver open a stand that sells “Cheese Jerky”, which becomes more successful than Rico’s. Rico then attempts to steal their recipe.

Episode 10 – Achy Jakey Heart Part 2

Jake creates a “normal person” disguise for his dates with Miley but still expects the star treatment he’s been used to for so long, Miley considers breaking up with him, but fears he will get mad and reveal her secret. Meanwhile Jackson and Oliver’s Cheese Jerky stand goes from success to failure when they can’t earn a profit.

Episode 11 – Sleepwalk This Way

Robby wrote a new song but he refuses to play it on the guitar. Miley finds the song and reads the lyrics, only to find that the lyrics don’t make any sense and doesn’t like it, without telling her dad. Because she hates the song, she start suffering from sleepwalking. It happens again in school during class when Miley had insulted a science teacher’s appearance (while sleepwalking) and got in trouble and got sent to the principal’s office as a result. She returns home and tells Jackson about how she hated the song and needs to confess to her dad. Unfortunately, Robby overhears it and got upset. She tells him about, only to discover that she wrote the song when she was 5. The real song is Bigger than Us made a big hit.

Episode 12 – When You Wish You Were the Star

When Hannah has to turn down a date with Jesse McCartney because Miley and Lilly have a science project due the next day, Miley wishes on a shooting star that she didn’t have dual lives. When her wish comes true, Hannah finds that being a superstar 24/7 isn’t all it’s cracked up to be when she realizes Miley never met Lilly and Oliver, so Lilly is friends with Amber and Ashley, Oliver sells peeks into Hannah’s windows with Rico, Jackson moved out and became a hermit and her dad Robbie married a young gold digger named Candace. This episode is based on the 1946 movie, It’s a Wonderful Life.

Episode 13- I Want You to Want Me … to Go to Florida

Hannah wants to go to Florida for a charity concert to beat her singing rival Mikayla, but when Robby injures his back and won’t let her go, Miley tricks Roxy into being her chaperone.

Episode 14 – Everybody Was Best-Friend Fighting

Hannah is invited to play in a celebrity tennis tournament, and invites Lola (Lilly) and Mike (Oliver) to attend, but the two of them fight. Jackson tricks Rico into thinking he is “cursed” by paying a psychic to tell him he is an evil boy.

Episode 15 – Song Sung Bad

Lilly records a song for her mother, but Miley alters her voice to make it sound better, prompting Lilly to enter in Karaoke night. At her performance, Miley sings for her using a microphone outside the room for Lilly to lip sync to, but is exposed after being scared by a spider she accidentally let loose. Meanwhile, after a faulty attempt at getting Sarah to like Rico, Jackson has to deal with her when she thinks he likes her.

Episode 16 – Me and Mr. Jonas and Mr. Jonas and Mr. Jonas

When Hannah and Robbie Ray meet The Jonas Brothers, Miley becomes jealous of how much time he spends with the three boys. She and Lilly dress up as two male singers (Milo and Otis) as part of a plan to break up their “bromance”. Meanwhile, Jackson tries to break the world pogo-stick record.

Episode 17 – Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get the Phone

In order to get the hot new Z-Phone, Miley gets Lilly to take an embarrassing paparazzi picture of Hannah to sell to a tabloid, but the picture shows a necklace that says ‘Miley’, so they attempt to trade the Hannah photo for a picture of “The Rock” with makeup on. Jackson gets a sunburn at a volleyball game, and doesn’t want Robby to find out.

Episode 18 – That’s What Friends Are For?

Miley gets jealous when Mikayla is cast as Jake’s love interest in his next movie, so she schemes to get Mikayla fired from the film. Rico bets Oliver and Jackson that they can’t go as long as he can without taking a shower.

Episode 19 – Lilly’s Mom Has Got Going on

Miley and Lilly envision becoming sisters when they notice a spark of love between Miley’s dad and Lilly’s mom (Heather Locklear). The girls then try to get the two to go out on a date, but when it goes wrong, the two blame each other’s parent so the two girls start fighting. Meanwhile Jackson and Rico switch places to see who could last in each other’s shoes.

Episode 20 – I Will Always Loathe You

Mammaw Ruthie and Aunt Dolly return to celebrate Hannah’s latest award but Dolly and Ruthie fight too much over Elvis Presley and ruin Hannah’s award speech. Oliver agrees to help Rico film a commercial, but Rico can’t shake his fear of being in front of a camera.

Episode 21 – Bye Bye Ball

After Jackson ruins Miley’s ‘Beary Bear’, Miley plots revenge and destroys his special Joey Vitolo-signed baseball. When Jackson feels guilty and fixes Beary Bear, Miley goes to great lengths to replace Jackson’s ball – luckily for Miley, Joey Vitolo’s daughter is a Hannah fan. Meanwhile Robbie attempts to build a bookshelf.

Episode 22 – Uncle Earl

Uncle Earl (David Koechner) arrives for a visit with the intention of becoming a rockstar. Barney Bittman (Gilbert Gottfried), a music critic renowned for his harsh criticism of popular performers, is planning on reviewing Hannah Montana.

Episode 23 – The Way We Almost Weren’t

While returning from Hannah’s New Mexico tour, Miley nearly gets struck by lightning and dreams about how her parents first met at a diner and tries to make Robby and Miley’s mom meet before she and Jackson totally disappear. Meanwhile, Lilly and Oliver get stuck to chairs, and attempt to get unstuck so they don’t miss the Maroon 5 concert.

Episode 24 – You Didn’t Say It Was Your Birthday

Miley and Jackson forget that it was their father’s 40th birthday, and argue over why he is annoyed at them. When they figure it out, they go to great lengths to make it up to him. Lilly and Oliver find a chip shaped like Darth Vader and try to sell it.

Episode 25 – Hannah in the Streets with Diamonds

Hannah is chosen to be inducted on a walk of fame, but Miley’s upset when her prime location is suddenly downgraded to make room for a star puppet, “Pancake Buffalo”, with a superstar sized attitude. Meanwhile Robbie takes over Jackson’s shift when he can’t get his car to go.

Episode 26 – Yet Another Side of Me

Hannah meets her idol, Isis, who constantly changes her image to keep things fresh. Hannah fears she will lose her audience if she doesn’t follow suit, but her image makeover (Anti-Hannah) doesn’t go as she imagined after a nightmare about performing for the Sunshine Girls. Meanwhile, Jackson is promised a raise by Rico, on the condition that he makes the sound of a dog when somebody say the word “dog.” This makes Jackson be in a lot of trouble with an older boy, who injures him. Finally, Jackson tells Rico that if he was nicer, he would have lots of friends.

Episode 27 – The Test of My Love

Miley starts dating a rich boy, Trey Harris. However, Trey’s parents are rude to Miley because she is from Tennessee, so she tries to impress them by pretending to be rich and fancy. Meanwhile Robbie and Jackson attempt to clean out Jackson’s room.

Episode 28 – Joannie B. Goods

Oliver and Joannie start dating, and Oliver wants Miley and Lilly to be friends with her. After a sleepover, Lilly and Joannie realize they have more in common than they thought, and Miley worries that Lilly won’t be her best friend anymore. Meanwhile, Jackson gets a date with Rico’s cousin.

Episode 29 – We’re All on This Date Together

Miley’s previous crush Johnny Collins (Corbin Bleu) wins a date with Hannah in a charity auction, but Hannah is forced into letting Rico join too. He wound up making the date miserable for both Johnny and Hannah. Meanwhile, Roxy’s old enemy from school comes to visit, so Roxy asks Robby and Jackson to pretend to be her family.

Episode 30 – No Sugar, Sugar

When Miley and Lilly suspect that Oliver has a crush on the school nurse (Rebecca Creskoff), they instead learn that Oliver has been diagnosed with diabetes, but is keeping it secret. Not knowing the whole truth about the disease, Miley overreacts to the news, and when the three attend Traci’s “sweet sixteen”, where a large assortment of sweets are being offered, she goes out of her way to keep Oliver from eating any of it. Meanwhile, Jackson has a new girlfriend (Katerina Graham) who is helping him earn good grades in school. When Robby finds out that she plans to break up with him, he does everything he can to save their relationship.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Season 2 of Hannah Montana is just as funny as the first one. Totally worth watching all the way through with kids. It is full of lessons, great music and full of friendship

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