T.V Series Review: Hawaii Five – 0 Season 2 (2011)

The second season of the CBS police procedural drama series Hawaii Five-0 premiered on September 19, 2011 for the 2011–12 television season. CBS renewed the series for a 23 episode second season on May 15, 2011. Two fictional crossovers with NCIS: Los Angeles occurred during the season in episodes six and twenty-one. The season concluded on May 14, 2012.

The series continues to center on the Five-0 Task Force, a specialized police state task force established by the Hawaiian Governor that investigates a wide series of crimes on the islands, including murder, terrorism, and human trafficking. The second season introduces a new governor, after the murder of his predecessor. However, unlike the previous governor, the new one orders changes to the task force. Taryn Manning did not return as a main cast member however, did make a guest appearance. In addition, the season includes two new main cast members, Masi Oka, who recurred in the first season, and Lauren German, who debuted in episode two and began receiving an “Also starring” credit in episode five. German departed after episode sixteen. Alex O’Loughlin missed some filming as he was seeking drug treatment for pain management medication during the production season.

Episode 1 – Unbreakable

After Steve McGarrett is arrested for Governor Jameson’s murder, Danny brings in Joe White, to help clear him. Victor Hesse aids in McGarrett’s escape by stabbing him. On his way to the hospital, McGarrett breaks out and escapes. Kono Kalakaua is suspended, but assists Chin Ho Kelly. She finds Wo Fat meeting with a weapons buyer, Kurt Hauff and is caught. Danny discovers footage of a meeting between John McGarrett, Governor Jameson, and Wo Fat on the camera, and Steve suggests asking Hesse about the meeting. Before they can question Hesse, Wo Fat kills him and is seen being driven away by Jenna Kaye.

Episode 2 – Taken

Governor Denning assigns Homeland Security officer Lori Weston (Lauren German) to Five-0 to ensure the team follows the new rules set by him, and to also apply her profiling skills to the task force. Their first investigation is the kidnapping of teenage paddleboard champion Jenn Hassley (Hayley Chase), and they have 24 hours to find her because she is taken without the medicine she needs to stay alive. They find that their suspect, Matt Porter (Jason Rawcliffe), actually rescued girls from religious cults. The team finds a cult in the island of Lānaʻi that rejects all modern teachings and believes that society and its own trappings are the workings of the Devil. Meanwhile, Jenna leaves the team after receiving word that her fiancé may still be alive, while Internal Affairs captain Vince Fryer (Tom Sizemore) strips Kono of her badge.

Episode 3 – The Hero

Five-0 probe the death of a Navy SEAL, one of Joe White’s former charges. Initially ruled as a suicide, the team discover he was drugged and murdered to mimic a suicide. Sometime later, the team uncovers the death of another SEAL in a car accident, however Max finds he was killed before the accident. It emerges that both SEALs were part of a covert team tasked with taking down a Central American drug cartel and a professional hitman is after a third SEAL. Meanwhile, Chin Ho worries about Kono after she starts hanging out with a group of dirty ex-cops, including Frank Delano (William Baldwin).

Episode 4 – Treasure

The severed hand of deep-sea diver Blake Spencer is found in the waters of Waikiki. Five-0 discover that he found treasure from a sunken galleon off the Oahu coast, which later turns out to be fake. Meanwhile, Chin Ho realizes Kono logged onto HPD’s database with his password, which she is using to grant Delano access. McGarrett realizes White did not release the video with Wo Fat, Governor Jameson, and John McGarrett to the Department of Defense, and White claims he was trying to protect John. The role of the diver’s mother, who suffers from Alzheimer’s, was played by Patty Duke.

Episode 5 – Clean

Five-0 investigates the death of a volleyball coach, which leads them to a married couple where he stayed, Carl and Trisha Joyner. Trisha ends up missing, and Carl is killed by a sniper. Lori and Chin end up mortally wounding a gunman, who is being driven by Kono. When Five-0 arrest Kono, Captain Fryer of Internal Affairs reveals she is working undercover to stop Delano. Kono is reinstated to the task force. Meanwhile, Chin Ho and his former fiancee Malia (Reiko Aylesworth) begin spending time together again.

Episode 6 – The Good Fight

Five-0 investigate the murder of local restaurant owner and philanthropist Jake Griffin, seemingly by a series of home invasions in the area. However after catching the gang, they realise they did not murder the man. Later, McGarrett participates in a charity MMA fight against Chuck Liddell, taking the place of another fighter (Gino Anthony Pesi) whom he injured after Martel attempted to frame him. Meanwhile, Joe White calls in L.A NCIS agent Kensi Blye (Daniela Ruah) to review the video of John McGarrett, Governor Jameson, and Wo Fat, but only recognizes the word “Shelburne”. When White returns home, he encounters Wo Fat, who tries to kill him. After White pushes him away, he goes to Mokoto, but finds Wo Fat beat him to it and killed Mokoto.

Episode 7 – Sacred Bones

A young couple is murdered on a heiau while shooting a documentary on a Halloween night. During the autopsy, Max uncovers a fingerprint from a criminal who was killed by his girlfriend several months before. Later, while examining the burial ground through ground-penetrating radar, Five-0 initially assume they are dealing with a serial killer when they find several bodies not belonging to the ancient Hawaiians. Meanwhile, Danny ignores the warnings of his co-workers and a drifter (Robert Englund), and later finds out the hard way the consequences of trespassing on the burial grounds. Danny then decides to buy one of the victims’ apartments, but changes his mind after believing that he saw the ghost of one of the tenants before ordering the team to pack up everything much to their dismay.

Episode 8 – Healing

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agent Monica Jensen is found dead inside a plane crash off the coast of the North Shore. Max’s autopsy reveals she was dead long before the plane even took off, and Five-0 learns that Jensen was investigating possible illegal activities at a medicinal marijuana shop. Danny decides to adopt Jensen’s dog.

Episode 9 – Identity

Sergeant Duke Lukela and his team in the HPD uncover a car theft ring but pass the case on to Five-0 after a bandaged body is discovered in the trunk of one of the cars. The team find it nearly impossible to identify the victim because he took extensive plastic surgery. Eventually, they find that he was placed in witness protection after he witnessed an Irish Mob hit in Boston. Meanwhile, Danny is forced to sleep on McGarrett’s couch until he can find another apartment. Elsewhere, Steve and Danny try and figure out why Max is ignoring them and acting overly friendly to Lori.

Episode 10 – Deceiver

Bethany Morris is found murdered in her apartment. Jenna Kaya receives news her fiance is alive, but wants McGarrett to rescue him in North Korea. When they arrive Jenna double crosses McGarrett, revealing she is working with Wo Fat, and captures him in exchange for her fiance. Wo Fat later interrogates and tortures McGarrett to find out what Shelburne is. When they learn of McGarrett’s capture, they and Joe White along with a SEAL team go on a mission to rescue him. Jenna helps McGarret escape but is killed in the process. As they return to Hawaii, Chin Ho announces he is engaged to Malia again.

Episode 11 – Trap

Governor Denning announces that a large shipment of cocaine was seized by a previous bust. In retaliation, a school bus full of private students is hijacked. The kidnappers, who work for a drug cartel, demand that Five-0 return the large shipment of cocaine. Meanwhile, Joe White is forced into an early retirement after rescuing McGarrett in North Korea, however he continues to investigate “Shelburne”. According to Hiro Noshimuri, Shelburne is an unidentified person, the only one Wo Fat fears. White is later seen calling an unknown person and tells them that they have to move before revealing that McGarrett is getting too close in his investigation.

Episode 12 – Gone Forever

Three teens discover a body in an abandoned World War II bunker but when Steve and Max examine the body for themselves, they discover that the supposedly dead victim is actually alive with the team’s investigation later leading them to cross paths with newly promoted Chief of Detectives, Vince Fryer.

Episode 13 – The Fix

A 17-year-old girl is found smothered to death in her bedroom. Before her death, she stole $5,000 from her father after her best friend Carolyn (Courtney Coleman) was blackmailed for having sexual relations with their school principal. When the blackmailer discovers he also recorded the girl’s murder, Five-0 find she was killed by a professional hitman. Meanwhile, Joe returns from Japan again and is later kidnapped by Adam Noshimuri (Ian Anthony Dale), Hiro’s son, who believes he murdered him. When McGarrett later rescues him, Joe reveals he actually faked Hiro’s death, but would not say why. McGarrett gets angry at this, knowing that he went through torture by Wo Fat.

Episode 14 – The Package

A Trans-Hawaiian Parcel truck is violently robbed in broad daylight but Kono’s investigation reveals nothing missing. They reluctantly rely on Sang Min’s help when it has emerged that one of the couriers smuggled 100 electronic chips used in passports to allow smugglers to forge them. Meanwhile, Danny is called to the hospital to help his ex-wife Rachel deliver her baby as her husband Stan is out of town. The Yakuza attempts to have Joe killed. Seeing as how the situation is getting out of hand, Joe eventually agrees to tell Adam that his father is in hiding and he, Adam and McGarrett must work together to stop Wo Fat. Later, Joe reveals to McGarrett that he is Shelburne, and he killed Wo Fat’s father.

Episode 15 – Out of the Past

A Marshal and friend of Danny’s is found dead. Five-0 begins searching for the prisoner he escorted, Rick Maguire but soon discover that Maguire died two years ago, and that someone is posing as him. It is revealed the person in question is Rick Peterson, Danny’s ex-partner from New Jersey who was jailed for corruption. Peterson returned seeking revenge against Danny who testified at Peterson’s trial and has kidnapped Grace.

Episode 16 – The Reckoning

Five-0 finds a young woman dead in a hotel where Denning is hosting a silent auction charity event. They discover the suspect is hiding and being protected by the Russian consulate. To lure him out, Chin Ho breaks into the consulate, setting off an international incident. McGarrett chases the suspect, but both get hit by a car driven by Five-0 member Lori Weston. The international fallout prompts the Governor to punish Lori by forcing her resignation from the task force.

Episode 17 – Defender

After McGarrett returns home from reservist training, Five-0 probes the death of Brandon Koruba, a local shipbuilder who enjoys Hawaiian history, in the jungle near the site of a historical war re-enactment he participated in. The team realise Koruba was targeted by a fundamental environmentalist group after he was planning to introduce a ferry that would apparently damage the eco-systems of the Hawaiian waters. Meanwhile, McGarrett and Danny argue about Danny’s apprehension to introducing Grace to his girlfriend Gabrielle Asano.

Episode 18 – Radio

Five-0 probes the death of pirate radio DJ Bobby Raines (Dennis Miller), who was killed in his home studio by an IED. The investigation pauses temporarily when his body is stolen by his fans, known as “Acolytes”. When the body is recovered, they uncover a prime suspect, retired NYPD bomb expert Tony Archer (James Caan, Scott Caan’s father), whose team of officers was a constant target of Raines.

Episode 19 – Faith

McGarrett’s sister Mary (Taryn Manning), returns to Hawaii for a visit, revealing she is now a flight attendant. When she returns to her hotel room, a Liberian man (Tony Todd) forces her to smuggle $20 million worth of conflict diamonds to New York, or else fellow flight attendant and friend Angela will die. She is caught before she can board the flight, and the team now have nine hours until the plane lands, and save Angela. Five-0 and Chief Fryer team up and enlist the help of August March (Ed Asner), who served a 30-year sentence for smuggling diamonds.

Episode 20 – Abandoned

The body of a young woman is found, and Max’s autopsy reveals the trademarks of a serial killer known as “The Trashman”, even though the apparent killer has been imprisoned. In the investigation, Five-0 finds a link between all the past and current victims; all women gave birth and left their infants to the same parish. The team finds evidence that links the caretaker to the killer. Meanwhile, Kamekona believes someone has stolen his shrimp truck but as it turns out, he just forgot to renew his licence, causing the City of Honolulu to impound the truck. Later, Danny tries to call Steve who ignores the call with Steve later shown to be in Tokyo, Japan, ready to board a plane.

Episode 21 – Touch of Death

With McGarrett still out of the country, Five-0 investigates the death of a former army soldier from an advanced form of smallpox. They find that the victim, and several others who are missing, were exposed to smallpox believing they were testing with a new form of antidepressant. They find a suspect, Dracul Comescu of the Romanian Comescu crime family. Agents Sam Hanna (LL Cool J) and G Callen (Chris O’Donnell) of NCIS: Los Angeles are called in to assist Five-0; as Callen has history with Comescu.

Episode 22 – Caught

In Osaka, McGarrett and Interpol find and arrest Wo Fat, who surrenders a bit too easily. In addition, it is revealed that Wo Fat found and killed Hiro Noshimuri and that Kono is dating Hiro’s son, Adam. In Honolulu, the rest of Five-0 trace a phone call Wo Fat made to an undercover CIA agent, Wo Fat’s “get out of jail free card”, who is found dead. As McGarrett and Wo Fat’s plane approaches Hawaii, McGarrett finds that the pilots are Yakuza. During the struggle the plane crashes in the Oahu jungle, leaving McGarrett and Wo Fat as the only two survivors and at the mercy of more Yakuza operatives with the intent to kill Wo Fat in revenge for the death of Hiro Noshimuri.

Episode 23 – Death in the Family

Danny learns Stan and Rachel are moving to Las Vegas, and faces losing custody of Grace. After arriving at the scene of a fake murder, Fryer is killed. Five-0 investigates the scene, the shooter wounds Max before escaping with a police car. The team chase the shooter to HPD headquarters, where they use a gas leak to blow up the building. The culprit, Hillary Chaver, was a criminal Fryer and Delano once worked to catch, until she faked her death. It becomes apparent that Chaver had a partner who also worked with Delano, and Chin is blackmailed into breaking Delano out of prison after Kono and Malia are kidnapped and Delano forces Chin to choose which one to save. Meanwhile, McGarrett and Joe return to Japan where Steve meets Shelburne, who turns out to be his dead mother.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

As I said for season 1, if you like crime and action, Hawaii Five – 0 is worth watching. Season 2 brings more action, more comedy and even a crossover with NCIS: Los Angeles. Actually two since there were two episodes.

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