T.V. Series Review: Hawaii Five – 0 Season 4 (2013)

Hawaii Five-0 is a police procedural series developed for television by Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci, and Peter M. Lenkov, based on the 1968 series of the same name created by Leonard Freeman. It premiered on CBS on Monday, September 20, 2010, 42 years to the day from the premiere of the original show, September 20, 1968. The title of each episode (except the pilot and the season 3 episode “Hookman”) is in Hawaiian rather than English, although its translated.

The series covers the actions of a small special state task force created by the Governor of Hawaii, Pat Jameson, to investigate serious crimes throughout the Islands, as Hawaii does not have a conventional state police force. The team is headed by Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett, USNR (and former Navy SEAL) as it investigates crimes ranging from terrorism to kidnapping. McGarrett chooses as his partner Honolulu PD (and former Newark PD) Detective Danny Williams, and together McGarrett and Williams lead a team that includes Capt. Lou Grover, Adam Noshimuri, Quinn Liu, Junior Reigns and Tani Rey.

Episode 1 – We Need Each Other

Season Premiere. With the NLM having stored the building where the H50 team’s headquarters are, taking hostages, Steve and Danny face a battle on their hands and the stakes are raised when Catherine is kidnapped.

Episode 2 -Fish Out of Water

he team investigate the murder of a man who work for a limo company and soon have a suspect: a highly-decorated Texas Ranger while Kono and Adam face a battle for survival after learning that their location has been compromised thanks to the events in the previous episode.

Episode 3 – The Truth Within

The H50 team investigate the death of a young, wealthy couple who were both murdered in their swimming pool while Catherine prepares to retire from the Navy for good.

Episode 4 – From This Day Forward

A wedding ends in turmoil when the bride-to-be flees while a wedding crasher later turns up dead. As the team investigate, they find evidence that the bride has a shady past while Danny makes a decision, one that could ultimately affect his relationship with Gabby.

Episode 5 – Fallen Hero

A routine surveillance job for Catherine and Billy ends in tragedy when they’re both attacked by a hitman with Billy dying in hospital as a result of the injuries sustained in the fight, setting the H50 team on a search for the killer.

Episode 6 – Broken

It’s Halloween but the team aren’t in the mood to celebrate as they search for a doctor who’s performing illegal experiments on innocent people.

Episode 7 – In Deep

The team investigate when a man is murdered and discover that the victim was an agent working undercover for ATF while playing babysitter to Mary’s newly adopted daughter after Mary falls ill from food poisoning.

Episode 8 – Reluctant Partners

With Danny in New Jersey visiting his parents, Steve must partner with Captain Lou Grover of the HPD’s SWAT team as they attempt to serve an arrest warrant to a young man, only discover the man is hiding a sinister secret.

Episode 9 – Happy Thanksgiving

The H50 team investigate when the badly disfigured body of an agent attached to the United States Secret Service is found in a barrel of lye while Steve and Mary are stunned when their aunt arrives in Hawaii for Thanksgiving.

Episode 10 – Honor Thy Father

H50 investigate the attempted murder of a Pearl Harbor veteran and discover decades-old evidence concerning a horrific crime that took place at an Oahu internment camp during WWII.

Episode 11 – Keepsake

The team’s investigation into the murder of a burglar takes a turn after evidence emerges, suggesting that the burglar might have been the victim of a serial killer who is responsible for torturing and killing fourteen women and Chin finds himself fighting for his life after he’s captured by the killer.

Episode 12 – Now and Then

Steve helps Captain Lou Grover after one of Grover’s friends apparently commits murder while Kono continues searching for Adam.

Episode 13 – The Favor

Internal Affairs question Chin about his relationship with Dr. Malia Waincroft. As this goes on, the team investigate the murder of a DEA agent.

Episode 14 – Sins of the Father

Steve and Danny are kidnapped by a criminal who wants them and the team to prove that he is innocent after being found guilty of killing a real estate manager.

Episode 15 – Buried Secrets

As the team investigate the murder of a real estate agent, Danny is left stunned when his mother arrives on the island, bringing with her troubling news.

Episode 16 – Fire in the Sky

The team investigate when three innocent people are gunned down on a boat and discover that the killings may be connected to a downed satellite owned by the Chinese while Grover takes Danny’s mother on a ride-along.

Episode 17 – Beneath the Surface

The team jump into action when a raid results in a young teenage girl being kidnapped and her father being shot dead while Danny attempts to bring his parents back together and Jerry finds a clue that could prove useful in Steve’s investigation of Wo Fat.

Episode 18 – Reunited

A woman is murdered at Chin and Jerry’s high school reunion, prompting the team to investigate while Steve and Danny travel to Cambodia to investigate a grave site.

Episode 19 – Blood Brothers

Steve and Danny fight for their lives after being trapped in a building that is destroyed when a bomb explodes. With the time of the essence, Chin, Kono, Catherine and Grover must find a way to save the two men before it’s too late.

Episode 20 – Those Among Us

The team investigate when a pool cleaner is gunned down and discover that a terrorist cell composed of young American college students may be planning an attack on American soil.

Episode 21 – Fair Winds and Following Seas

As the team tackle the case of a missing liver due for a lawyer, Steve and Catherine travel to Afghanistan to save a young boy who has been kidnapped by the Taliban but things take a turn for the worse when Steve winds up being captured by the same group of terrorists… This episode marks the final appearance of Catherine Rollins.

Episode 22 – Family Comes First

Season Finale. The team rush to Grover’s aid when his teenage daughter is kidnapped by hacker, Ian Wright while Wo Fat escapes from prison with the intent of returning to Oahu.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Season 4 of more Steve and Danny Bromance. We get more backstory behind the main characters and get to meet the extended family of the always cool Navy SEAL.

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