Movie Review: Planes (2013)

Produced by Pixar as a spin off from the Cars franchise, Planes was intended to be released to direct to video in 2013. Despite its negative reviews, it made over 4.5 times the budget it took to produce it. 

Planes follows a crop duster plane named Dusty Crophopper (Dane Cook), Dusty works at the cornfield but is constantly practicing aerobatic maneuver. Dusty dreams about becoming a racer but his boss, Leadbottom (Cedric the Entertainer), and his mechanic, Dottie (Teri Hatcher) tell him how its not plausible due to the type of plane he is. That doesn’t stop Dusty though, with the help of a fuel truck named Chug (Brad Garrett), Dusty trains for the qualifier for the Wings Across the Globe Race. The night prior to the qualifiers, Dusty asks Skipper Riley (Stacy Keach), an navy vet plane, for help but the Skipper refuses. The next day Dusty qualifies but only because another plane was doping and was caught. 

Skipper finally decides to mentor Dusty but Dusty learns that he has a fear of heights. During their training, Dusty goes to New York City to begin the race. There he meets El Chupacabra (Carlos Alazraqui), a Mexican plane, whose madly in love with Rochelle (Julia Louis- Dreyfus), a French Canadian plane that has no interest, He also sees Ripslinger (Roger Craig Amith), the three time winner, who completely ignores Dusty. Dusty however lays eyes on Ishani (Priyanka Chopra), an Indian racer, and falls in love. Ishani and Dusty become friends supporting each other. The race begins, Dusty stays low from New York to Iceland, causing him to finish last. During the second part on the way to Germany, Dusty saves a fellow racer, Bulldog, from crashing but Dusty again end up in last. 

On the third leg to Agra, India, Ishani and Dusty take a fly around the Taj Mahal. Ishani tells Dusty that if he flies low through the Himalayas, he can follow the train tracks. Dusty takes her advice on the next leg to Nepal putting him in first plac. After having a near death experience, he believes Ishani told him the advice under Ripslinger’s orders. Dusty shuns Ishani. Dusty maintains his led on the next leg to Shanghai while helping El Chupacabra woo Rochelle with a song. 

During the sixth leg, heading across the Pacific, Ripslinger has his henchmen, Ned and Zed, clip Dusty’s navigation antenna off in order to get ahead. Dusty was now lost and low on fuel when he comes upon the USS Flysenhower. They allow Dusty to land and refuel. While getting on the carrier, Dusty learns that this is where Skipper served but he only flew one mission, a mission that failed when he was the only survivor. Dusty took off again but soon crashes in the ocean. He is rescued but suffered severe damage. He is flown to Mexico where he is about to drop out when his fellow competitors begin giving him spare parts to repair the damage. Dusty is fixed up better than new thanks to his friends and they take off to New York again. Ripslinger had plans to end Dusty yet again but Skipper stops him. With that, Dusty overcomes his fear of heights and heads into the jet stream to get a boost. Just before Ripslinger crosses the finish line, Dusty comes in and beats him. Ripslinger ends up crashing into the porta potties. They all celebrate but before it ends, Skipper and Dusty have one last fly together before Skipper returns to serve in the Navy again. 

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Planes is really meh okay movie to watch from an adult point of view. Kids, well my Matthew, liked it but I think it was only because Cars was super popular. It was cute, great for kids, especially if mom or dad want to go make dinner but I would avoid it for a movie night.

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