Movie Review: An Extremely Goofy Movie (2000)

An Extremely Goofy Movie is a 2000 direct-to-video distributed by Walt Disney Home Video, produced by Walt Disney Television Animation, and directed by Douglas McCarthy. It is a standalone sequel to the 1995 film A Goofy Movie and the finale to the television series Goof Troop, in which Max goes to college and believes he will not have to deal with his father until Goofy loses his job and enrolls there to complete the degree he never received years ago in order to find a new job. Meanwhile, Max and his friends compete in the X Games, unaware of the reason why the school’s top fraternity has a dynasty in the competition.

Max is off to college with his buddies P.J and Bobby. Back home, Goofy falls into a depression from being alone. It causes him to have an accident causing an explosion at the Toy factory. Goofy is fired. The next day Goofy goes to the unemployment agency where he was told that in order to be hired for another job, he would need to earn a college degree.

Meanwhile, Max and his friends meet Bradley Uppercrust III, who is the head of the Gamma Mu Mu fraternity as well as a known skateboarder. Impressed by Max’s skateboarding skills, Bradley asks Max to join the Gamma team for the X Games. Max declines as the offer didn’t extend to P.J and Bobby. Upset by the rejection, Bradley bets that Max can’t beat the Gamma team. 

Max soon finds out that Goofy will also be attending college. Goofy ruins Max, P.J. And Bobby’s down time by having them do chores. Instead, Max takes Goofy to the library to introduce his father to Sylvia Marpole, the librarian. Later, Goofy was messing around on Max’s skateboard, being clumsy when Bradley sees. Bradley asks Goofy to join the Gamma team for the X games. Max convinces Goofy to join.

The X Games have started, Bradley cheats but blinding Max with a pocket mirror during the first qualifiers, while he asses rocket boosters to Goofy’s skateboard, causing Goofy to win the round. Max’s team barely makes it to the next round, upsetting Max, who storms off. 

Still depressed, Goofy ends up failing his exams. He also ends up arguing with Sylvia. He is ready to go home when Pete calls and gives him advice. Goofy takes it and apologizes to Sylvia. She in turn helps him ace his next set of exams. Goofy also decides to quit the Gamma team so Max wouldn’t be upset with him, when he overhears Bradley plotting his next ways of cheating for the final. Goofy goes to warn Max but Max refuses to listen, still upset with his dad. 

During the semi finals, Max’s team and Gamma’s team are the only two that quirky for the final round. Bradley gets P.J then Bobby eliminated, forcing Max to ask Goofy to be his teammate. During the final trick. Bradley causes the flaming X logo to fall on Max and Gamma member, Tank. Goofy goes to help Max out, and together they rescue Tank. Tank assists Max into winning the games. Max ends the bet and an angry Tank slingshots Bradley into the X Games blimp.

The movie fast forwards to graduation day, where Max apologizes to his ad and gives him the trophy. The film ends with Goofy and Sylvia driving away.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

While this film is a sequel and the finale to the show Goof Troop, it is also a great stand alone film. You can easily understand the context of the backstory the way Disney made it. Also who doesn’t love Goofy, he is hilarious and a loving dad. Look all parents make mistakes but Goofy wants the best for Max, just like every parent does. It is highly underrated and great for the whole family.

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