Movies Review: A Goofy Movie (1995)

A musical comedy based on the Disney TV series Goof Troop, was released on April 7th, 1995. A Goofy Movie takes place a few years after the show following Goofy (Bill Farmer) and his son Max (Jason Marsden).

Max, a teenage boy, and his best friends P.J. (Rob Paulsen) and Bobby (Pauly Shore) play a prank on the school by hijacking the stage while Principal Mazur ( Wallace Shawn) gives his last day of school speech. Max, dressing up as the popular Powerline, giving a show to impress the girls. Take students loved it including Roxanne (Kellie Martin) , Max’s crush. Roxanne asked Max out to Powerline’s  (Tevin Campbell) next concert. Max couldn’t wait only to find out great the principal had called his father Goofy. Goofy, a concerned dad, planned a last minute fishing trip not knowing of Max’s plans it’s Roxanne.  Max lies to Roxanne, telling her not only is the date still on but also his dad knows Powerline and that he will be on stage.

Max tries to get out of the fishing trip but Goofy wouldn’t let him. The trip was full of mishaps when Max had the last straw after Goofy embarrasses Max at the Opossum based theme park. Later, Max and Goofy meet up with Pete (Jim Cummings)  and P.J, while camping by a lake. P.J, let Max know that the whole school was waiting for him to be on stage at the concert while Pete advised Goofy to keep an eye on Max. The following day, Goofy takes Max out to show him the perfect cast technique. In the process Goofy managed to attract Bigfoot. Pete and P.J get away but Goofy and Max are still stuck at the campsite for the night. Max switches the map so they will head to L.A, where the Powerline concert is. The next morning, Max is allowed to navigate. At one point they stopped at a motel seeing Pete and P.J again. Pete overhears that Max tricked Goofy and relays the info. The next day while Max is still navigating, they come to a fork in the road. One road leads to Idaho and the other towards California. Max chooses to head to California. Goofy, angry, stops the car at the Grand Canyon and storms off.

The car starts rolling down the canyon and Max and Goofy give chase. They were unsuccessful and end up in the river. Goofy and Max apologize to each other. Goofy lets Max know that he will always be there for him. Max opens up to Goofy about his crush on Roxanne and the promise he made. Goofy is determined to get Max to that concert. While floating down the river, Goofy and Max fall off a waterfall almost dying but Max manages to rescue his dad using that perfect cast technique Goofy taught him. Goofy and Max not only made it to the concert but onstage, dancing with Powerline while Pete, P.J, Roxanne and the rest of the school watched on their TVs. Later, Goofy drives Max to Roxanne’s house, where Max apologizes to her and Roxanne admits her feelings. Just as the two love birds start their relationship, Goofy’s car blows up, ejecting Goofy right into Roxanne’s porch roof. The movie ends with Max introducing Goofy and Roxanne.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

A must see. Max and Goofy are hilarious. Look, I am so happy my dad is a goof ball but not embarrassing like the real Goofy. It is great for kids and family. It is full of Easter eggs and completely underrated.

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