Movie Review: Buffalo Dreams

Buffalo Dreams is a  Disney Channel Original Movie the was released on March 11th, 2005. It was filmed in Utah and was nominated for two awards at The Directors Guild of America.

Set against the backdrop of New Mexico, the film follows a boy, Josh Townsend, who moves because of his father’s job and becomes involved with a group of teens attempting to preserve the buffalo and Navajo traditions. Along the way he makes friends and learns important lessons about life. The movie teaches about a few Navajo traditions. Josh eventually enters a race against his rival and proves to be the better of the two; however, he quits the race after seeing the buffalo herd stampeding. Josh quickly gathers his friends to save the town, and while his rival refuses to help, his friends do. Together, they herd the buffalo away from the town and back onto their preserve. During the process, Josh’s friend Thomas Blackhorse falls in front of a buffalo, but is saved by his sister who finally speaks for the first time in years to help calm the buffalo. Josh and his friends are hailed as heroes by the town and in recognition of his bravery, Josh is made an honorary member of the Navajo tribe with the name Rides With the Wind. He and Thomas, who he had trouble getting along with before, make a pact to keep the buffalo safe together.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The first time I saw Buffalo Dreams it hit me hard but I couldn’t remember the name for the life of me. However, it still played in my brain. There was something so connecting. I its possible that it is Native Blood (I’m a quarter Apache) or maybe it was an unknown link to my future. Now that I’m a mother, well my own child is obsessed with Bison, aka the American Buffalo. This film reminds me just how much majestic animals are. His connection to the Bison was like mine to the Orca. It is part of our spirit. The film, in itself, is also very educational and teaches us that we should respect the land.

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