Movie Review: A Bug’s Life (1998)

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A Bug’s Life Summary

Released on  November 25th, 1998, and inspired by Aesops’s fable The Ant and the Grasshopper, the movie follows a misfit ant named Flik (Dave Foley). Set on Ant Island, the colony of ants is led by the Queen (Phyllis Diller) and Princess Atta (Julia Louis – Dreyfus). Every season, the ants are forced to give food to Hopper (Kevin Spacey) and the rest of the grasshoppers.

One day as Flik is working on his grain harvesting invention, he accidentally knocks it and the offering into the stream. Hopper learns of the accident and demands double. Flik suggests that they ask stronger bugs to help fight them but the colony disagreed and sent Flik packing. 

Flik makes it to Bug City, which is just a pile of trash under a trailer, where he meets a troupe of circus bugs, but he mistakes them for the warrior bugs he is seeking. The circus bugs think that Flik is a talent agent asking for help after their ringmaster, P.T. Flea (John Ratzenberger ), had dismissed them. Through this mistake, the circus bugs follow Flik back to Ant Island, where they learned the truth.

As the circus bugs try to leave, they are attacked by a bird, but as they flee they rescue Princess Dot (Hayden Panettiere), the younger sister to Princess Atta.  This gained respect from the ants. Flik convinces the circus bugs to stay but under the disguise of warrior bugs. Flik learns that Hopper is afraid of birds, so the ants and circus bugs work to create a fake bird.

Meanwhile, Hopper is concerned that the ants will rebel since they outnumber the grasshoppers. Hopper makes a plan with his gang to take over the ants and kill their Queen. Back at Ant Island, Flik’s lie was exposed when P.T. Flea comes to find his troupe. The troupe was asked to leave and Flik was exiled by Princess Atta. As they are leaving, Dot follows to convince them to return after overhearing Hopper. Hopper had now taken over Ant Island with the excuse that the offer was Mediocre. 

Flik and the circus troupe return, using the fake bird to scare Hopper but in doing so, it also scared P.T. Flea, who sets the bird on fire, exposing the truth. Hopper, furious, beats Flik in retaliation. Flik’s responds that Hopper fears the ants because he knows what they are capable of. This inspires the colony and circus troupe to fight against the grasshoppers.

The ants use the circus canons to try and force Hopper and the grasshoppers out of Ant Island when it begins to rain. As the chaos is ensuing, Hopper frees himself  and takes off with Flik as a captive. Princess Atta rescues Flik and the two lead Hopper to the real bird’s nest. Hopper, thinking it’s another fake, taunts it but is soon caught and fed to the baby birds.

Atta and Flik return to Ant Island where Flik uses his inventions to improve the colonies’ lives. Princess Atta tells Flik that she’s in love with him. And Molt (Richard Kind), Hopper’s younger brother and a few fellow ants join the circus troupe as new members. The troupe leaves, promising to return in the future.

A Bug’s Life Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

While A Bug’s Life is great, most of it is forgettable. There are a lot of good lessons to be learned but it can also be scary for kids when the angle makes it feel like there are giant bugs. I mean don’t get me started on the ride at Disney World, there is a reason is it gone. Anyway, I’m logging off with the best scene from the film. Be sure to comment down below what our thoughts are.

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