Movie Review: The Bigfoot Family (2020)

Two months after convincing his father, Bigfoot, to return home, Adam becomes overwhelmed with the attention his father’s newfound fame has brought the family. He is also struggling to confess his feelings to his crush Emma. 

Bigfoot wants to use his fame for a good cause and decides that protecting a large wildlife reserve from a dodgy oil company in Alaska is the perfect opportunity. Adam helps his father by uploading a promotional video to social media. Swathes of protestors arrive to support Bigfoot, who mysteriously disappears one night. Adam and his mother Shelly journey to find and rescue him along with their animal friends.

Arriving in Alaska, Adam and Shelly meet with the protestor who last saw Bigfoot, Arlo Woodstock. Shelly follows Arlo to the last location he saw Bigfoot, while Adam and his animal friends are ambushed by workers from the oil company. He escapes and encounters a wolf, whom he strikes a deal with. The wolf guides him to where the oil company is working before departing. Adam finds out that Arlo actually works for the company, and has taken Shelly; Adam evades capture from him. 

Adam infiltrates the company grounds. Tycoon businessman and owner of the company, Conor Mandrake, is preparing to destroy the valley using a bomb, so that he can excavate the present oil easier. After freeing Shelly, as well as his father, who was also kidnapped by the company, Adam escapes the grounds with them. Turning back, they defuse the bomb. Conor confronts them, and Adam records him, exposing the scheme. 

Adam uploads the recording of Conor’s confession. Conor and Arlo are arrested. Adam later meets with Emma and she reveals that he accidentally sent a video exposing his feelings to her. He asks Emma out, and she accepts, kissing Adam while his eavesdropping family congratulates him.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Has a few scary parts but it is a terrific movie not just for the whole family, but teaches valuable lessons on the environment and the effects of drilling, and chemicals. It is a perfect film to use for Earth Day which is coming up. It is only on Netflix currently. It is also full of comedic relief so be sure to get in a good laugh too.

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