Movie Review: Oliver and Company (1988)

Movie Review of Oliver and Company

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Summary of Oliver and Company

Inspired by the novel Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens, this film was released on November 18th, 1998. Disney animators adapted the story to be set in the late 1980s in New York City with Oliver (Joey Lawrence) as a kitten.

Oliver having been abandoned is now wandering the streets wanting someone to adopt him when he comes across laid back dog named Dodger ( Billy Joel). Dodger helps Oliver steal hot dogs from Louie (Frank Welker) the vendor but Dodger runs away with the food without sharing.

Oliver follows Dodger who lives on a barge with his owner Fagin (Dom DeLuise), a pickpocket, and his friends Tito (Chechen Marin) the chihuahua, a Great Dane named Einstein (Richard Mulligan), Rita (Sheryl Lee Browne)  the Afghan Hound and a Bulldog named Francis (Roscoe Lee Browne).

Oliver sneaks in but is quickly caught by the dogs. After a moment of confusion, they give him a big welcome. Fagin tells the dogs that he’s running out of time to repay the loan shark Sykes (Robert Loggia ) who gave him three days.

The dogs cheer Fagin up and introduce Oliver, who is accepted into the gang. The following morning they hit the streets to sell stolen goods and stay money. Tito and Oliver team up to target a limousine driven by Winston (William Glover) the butler who drives a rich and lonely little girl named Jenny Foxworth (Natalie Gregory).

The plan backfires and Oliver gets trapped in the limosine. Jean helps Oliver and takes him home but her poodle Georgette (Bette Middler) is disgusted. Dodger and his friends rescue Oliver, bringing him back to the barge. Oliver tells them how kindly he was treated. Fagin comes up with the idea of ransoming Oliver, so they send Jenny a ransom note.

Jenny, who receives the note, goes to meet Fagin, But Fagin is bothered that it is a little girl whose hurt by the loss of Oliver. Fagin, having a heart, gives back Oliver freely but Sykes sees and kidnaps Jenny, telling Fagin that his debt is paid.

Dodger, Fagin, Oliver, and the rest of the crew rescue Jenny but are chased around the city by Sykes in his car and his two Dobermans Roscoe (Taurean Blacque) and DeSoto (Carl Weintraub). Finally Fagin and the crew doges the dobermans and Sykes car by riding Fagin’s scooter. Jenny returns home with Oliver.

The film ends with Jenny celebrating her birthday with Oliver, Winston, Fagin, and the dogs when she receives a phone call that her parents will be returning home the following day.

Review of Oliver and Company

Rating: 5 out of 5.

A completely underrated film, well worth the whole family watching. Plus some awesome Easter eggs and apart of the Disney Dog theory. Do you know what they are? Comment blow if you do. Leaving you off here with this fun song.

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