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Trolls Summary

The Trolls are small, colorful, perpetually-happy creatures who sing, dance, and hug all day. They are discovered by the gigantic, ugly, and miserable Bergens, who believe they can only feel happy by consuming a Troll. The Bergens imprison the Trolls in a caged tree, and eat them every year on a special occasion, Trollstice.

On the year that Prince Gristle Jr., son of King Gristle, is due to eat his first troll, the chef in charge of the ceremony discovers that the Troll King Peppy has taken his infant daughter, Princess Poppy, and his people and organized an escape. King Gristle banishes Chef, and she vows to find the trolls, while secretly plotting to become a hero and take over the kingdom as revenge for her exile.

Twenty years later, an adult Poppy organizes a gigantic party to celebrate the anniversary of the escape. A short-tempered, grey, survivalist troll named Branch warns that this could compromise their position, but everyone ignores him. His warnings come true when Chef follows the lights and noise and kidnaps several trolls, including Poppy’s love interest, a “zen” troll named Creek. While the rest cower in Branch’s survival bunker, Poppy sets off alone to rescue the victims. She naively gets herself into several potentially deadly situations and is finally rescued by Branch, who believes the quest is hopeless and reluctantly followed her to escape his crowded bunker.

Upon arrival in Bergen Town, Poppy and Branch see the now-King Gristle Jr. seemingly served Creek by Chef. Poppy still holds out hope Creek is alive, and finds the rest of the trolls guarded by a scullery maid named Bridget. Learning that Bridget is secretly in love with Gristle Jr., Poppy and the trolls agree to help her get a date in exchange for her help in ascertaining if Creek is alive. Branch refuses to sing along with the rest in the ensuing musical number; he and Poppy argue, and he reveals that he has refused to sing ever since his singing compromised his home’s location to Chef, who took and presumably ate his grandmother. His color turned from blue to grey that day from the guilt.

Poppy comforts him with a hug, and the trolls disguise Bridget as “Lady Glittersparkles”. She and Gristle Jr. go on a date at a roller rink/arcade restaurant, and Poppy spots Creek held captive in a jewel on Gristle’s mantle. After the date, the trolls go to Gristle’s room and attempt to free Creek, but discover the jewel is empty. Chef then arrives and recaptures everyone, and Poppy is horrified to learn that Creek, in exchange for his own survival, has betrayed them all to Chef. He steals Poppy’s cowbell and uses it to summon the rest of the trolls, whom Chef captures and places in a pot intended to be served at the feast. Poppy and the other trolls fall into despair, and turn gray.

Branch, realizing he has fallen in love with Poppy, sings “True Colors” to cheer her up. Poppy reciprocates his feelings and sings along, and all the trolls, including Branch, regain their hope and their colors. Bridget, unwilling to see harm come to the trolls, releases them while Chef isn’t looking. Poppy, knowing how the angry Bergens will react, refuses to allow Bridget to sacrifice herself. The trolls return and explain to the Bergens that Bridget is Lady Glittersparkles, and that she and Gristle are already happy being in love with one another.

Through the song “Can’t Stop the Feeling”, the trolls show the Bergens they too can find happiness inside themselves, bringing light and color and joy to Bergen Town. The vengeful Chef refuses to accept the peace, and she and Creek are put on a flaming serving cart and sent rolling out of the castle into the woods. Poppy is made Queen of the Trolls, and she and Branch share a friendly hug.

In a mid-credits scene, Chef tries to eat Creek, but both of them end up being eaten by a hill-shaped monster.

Trolls Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Trolls is a cute children’s film that the whole family will enjoy. It has the valuable lesson of being true to yourself as we are all unique which is a very important lesson to learn. The music is fun, its colorful, not scary and everyone will get something out of it.

Signing off with a great song, so get those feet moving

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