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In a city of anthropomorphic animals called Calatonia, koala Buster Moon owns a struggling theater, and is threatened with foreclosure by bank representative Judith, a llama. He decides to hold a singing competition with a prize of $1,000, but a typing accident involving the glass eye of his iguana assistant Miss Crawly adds two extra zeros to the prize money. The misprinted flyers are blown out of the window by a fan before they can be proofread, and float across the city.

Crowds of animals gather to audition, and Buster selects his contestants. These include housewife and mother of 25 piglets Rosita; punk-rock porcupine Ash; teenage gorilla Johnny, son of mobster Big Daddy; street musician mouse Mike; a trio of dancing frogs; and opera singer camel Pete. Teenage elephant Meena fails her audition from stage fright, Ash’s self-absorbed boyfriend Lance is dismissed from the contest, and Rosita is paired with an exuberant pig named Gunter for a dance routine. After Buster discovers the flyers advertise a prize of $100,000, he arranges a visit with his ram friend Eddie’s wealthy grandmother, former singing star Nana Noodleman. Nana is reluctant to sponsor the prize money, but agrees to attend a private preview of the show before making a decision.

Pressured by her grandfather, Meena tries to ask Buster for another chance, but becomes his stage hand instead. When the frog trio breaks up and Pete is injured, Meena is added as an act. Other problems soon arise; Rosita flounders in her dance routine with Gunter, believing her motherly duties have caused her to lose her passion; Ash discovers Lance cheating on her, throws him out, and later breaks down crying while rehearsing her assigned song, Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe”; Meena’s stage fright prevents her from performing; and Mike, certain the prize money is as good as his, buys a fancy car to impress a female mouse and swindles a group of Russian bears in a card game. Johnny, forced by Big Daddy to be the getaway driver in a heist, sneaks away to a rehearsal but struggles to focus on his piano playing. Traffic prevents Johnny’s return to the heist, causing Big Daddy to be arrested and to angrily disown his son. In desperation, Johnny considers stealing the prize money for his father’s bail; however, when he sees a note on Buster’s desk showing how much Buster appreciates his talents, Johnny resolves to focus on his musical career instead.

On the day of the preview, the bears interrupt the show, demanding the money from Mike, who directs them to Buster. The bears open the prize chest, revealing Buster’s deception about the money. The glass tank of luminescent squids lighting the stage breaks under the bears’ weight, and the ensuing flood guts and implodes the theater. Judith repossesses the lot, and Buster, who had been living at the theater, takes up residence with Eddie. The contestants try to cheer him up, but Buster is too despondent to listen. He tries to start over by opening a car wash.

When Meena goes to the rubble of the theater and sings Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”, Buster overhears her, and is inspired to stage an outdoor show just for the fun of it, for Meena and Rosita’s families. Rosita and Gunter perform Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off”, which finally prompts Rosita’s husband, Norman, to notice her talent. Dozens more animals are drawn to the scene as the show is broadcast on the news. Johnny’s rendition of Elton John’s “I’m Still Standing” greatly impresses his father, who escapes from prison to reconcile with him and apologize. Ash sings her original rock song “Set It All Free”, impressing Lance, who was watching her on TV. Mike, who had initially refused to perform for free, is taunted into returning and sings Frank Sinatra’s “My Way”. Finally, Meena overcomes her stage fright and sings Stevie Wonder’s “Don’t You Worry ’bout a Thing”, which literally brings down the house.

The show is a success and impresses Nana, who was in the audience. She buys the lot, and the theater is rebuilt and reopened.

Sing Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

A fantastic movie for the whole family. It is rare that I not only go see a movie twice in theaters but immediately buy it on DVD as soon as it is released but Sing caught me. My kiddo enjoyed it, my mom enjoyed it and I obviously enjoyed it. I still sing along when we watch it or if any of the music comes on Pandora as we listen. We are thrilled Sing 2 is coming out on December 22/

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