Movie Review: Despicable Me (2010)

Longtime supervillain Gru has his pride hurt when an anonymous rival steals the Great Pyramid of Giza and replaces it with an inflatable replica. In retaliation, he, his elderly assistant Dr. Nefario, and his army of Minions concoct a plan to shrink and steal the Earth’s Moon. Dr. Nefario worries they cannot afford this, so Gru applies for a loan from Mr. Perkins, the director of the Bank of Evil. Mr. Perkins asks Gru to impress him first by stealing the shrink ray. While at the bank, Gru meets young supervillain Vector, and learns he is the mastermind behind the Pyramid heist.

Gru and two of his Minions successfully steal the shrink ray from a research base, but Vector intercepts them and steals it for himself. Gru attempts to steal back the shrink ray from Vector’s fortress, only to get ambushed by numerous booby traps. He notices three orphan girls named Margo, Edith, and Agnes gain access to Vector’s fortress because they are selling cookies for Miss Hattie, their orphanage matron. Gru decides to disguise himself as a dentist and adopt the girls, planning to use them in his plot to get the shrink ray back and return them once the scheme comes off.

Gru’s attempts at parenting are initially disastrous, as he has no clue what to do with children. Things are further complicated by their ballet practices, the girls discovering his underground lair, and Dr. Nefario’s skepticism to his plan. Gru eventually manages to use the girls to distract Vector long enough for him to get the shrink ray back, but the girls insist upon stopping at a carnival on the way home. Gru finds himself enjoying his time with the girls, and they begin to bond.

Gru shows Mr. Perkins via video call, that he has the shrink ray, though the girls interrupt the call. Mr. Perkins still claims he is not impressed, and refuses the loan. Seeing Gru sad that he would not be able to steal the Moon, the girls give him their piggy bank. Inspired, the Minions pool all their resources, and Gru begins to sell his belongings to raise the money needed for the project.

Dr. Nefario calculates that they will have to go for the Moon when its orbit brings it closest to Earth, but the day is the same as the girls’ ballet recital. Dr. Nefario, fearing that Gru is too distracted, calls Miss Hattie himself to tell her to take the girls back, believing it best for everyone. Meanwhile, Mr. Perkins (revealed to be Vector’s father) informs him of Gru’s possession of the shrink ray, prompting Vector to take action.

Gru successfully shrinks and steals the Moon. He tries to make it home in time for the ballet recital, only to find out Vector had kidnapped the girls. Hurrying to the fortress, Gru gives Vector the Moon, but he refuses to hand over the girls. Gru fights his way through Vector’s defenses, causing him to fly away with the girls and the Moon in his aircraft. Meanwhile, Dr. Nefario and the Minions discover that the effects of the shrink ray are only temporary: the larger the object, the faster it returns to normal size. They and Gru perform a daring mid-air rescue of the girls before the Moon returns to its normal size and launches itself into orbit, stranding Vector on it.

Sometime later, Gru reads the girls a bedtime story he wrote based on his experiences, and they confess love for one another. The girls perform a special ballet recital for Gru, his mother, Dr. Nefario, and the Minions. One Minion decides to change the song to something more dance-party style, starting a rave.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

What a wonderful movie for the whole family. We are introduced to Gru, the girls and the minions for the first time. It is full of love, Easter eggs and laughter. You can definitely enjoy it as an adult too. I really want a minion for myself, don’t you?

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