Book Review: Shh by Sian Claven

Shh by Sian Claven Blurb

What did you say?
The once silent world of Heather Lawrence is turned upside down when her husband, Andrew, admits her to a state of the art facility for surgery that enables Heather to hear and speak, an ability she lost in her teens.
Strangeness abounds as she hears voices that aren’t there and speaks words that are not her own, and she tries to navigate through her noisy new life.
Desperate for answers, Andrew searches for the surgeon that gave Heather her new lease on life, but turns up with more questions than when he started. He soon finds himself in need of a priest as All Hallows’ Eve approaches, and all traces of his wife disappear in front of his eyes.

Shh by Sian Claven Review

While Shh isn’t my usual genre of books I would choose from, I am grateful I did. It focuses on Heather who is a deaf woman. Sian really delves into the character development and uses all senses to describe the world in Heather’s point of view.

Besides the fact Sian used a deaf character for her protagonist, she added twists and turns you would never see coming which was perfect. Heather does get her hearing back with surgery and Sian explains how magical noises can be, just as much as over whelming. Shh makes you really feel like you are apart of the story. We have all heard those random noises in the house as Heather is experiencing, except there is more to it.

If you are into Paranormal/Horror fiction with representation, be sure to check out Shh by Sian Claven.

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