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Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast is the latest of the Tinker Bell movies. Released on December 12th, 2014 on video follows Fawn (Ginnifer Goodwin), an animal fairy and one of Tinker Bell’s friends. The film opens with Fawn hiding an injured baby hawk. Fawn decides to rescue and fix the bird’s wing despite it being a predator. With the help of Tinker Bell (Mae Whitman), the two fairies try to smuggle the hawk back into the woods in a crate of blueberries before the other faeries found out but their cover story fell through. The baby hawk was quickly discovered. Hearing the cries, the parent hawks begin attacking the faeries but are stopped by the scout faeries.

Queen Clarion  scolds Fawn for leading with her heart rather than her head, endangering the rest of the fairies. Fawn leaves and helps the baby hawk return home, as he flies away, a roar is heard. It is unfamiliar so Fawn goes to investigate deep in the forest where she comes up on a cave where a massive creature is slumbering. Fawn sees that there is a thorn in its paw so Fawn tries to take it out but he snorts and blows her away. Not backing down, Fawn returns to the injured paw and pulls the thorn out, waking the creature. The creature is gentle and leaves his cave to work on his mission of moving rocks into a large pile. Meanwhile, Fawn investigates everything she can about this mysterious creature before she names him Gruff.  Fawn eventually joins in to help Gruff build four rock piles, one in each season.

Back in Pixie Hollow, Nyx ( Rosario Dawson) a scout fairy, does her own investigation after hearing the mysterious roar. Nyx uses an animal book from the library, where she learns that this creature will turn into a hideous beast every thousand years to destroy Pixie Hallow during a deadly storm. Nyx goes to find Fawn, knowing she’s involved with this creature.

Tinker Bell, Silvermist, Vidia, Rosetta and Iridessa go to see Fawn and what trouble her heart has gotten her into. Fawn shows them Gruff and tells them how friendly he is. Fawn wants to tell Queen Clarion and show the Queen how gentle Gruff is but Nyx got to the Queen first. Fawn overhears Nyx telling the Legend of the Neverbeast. Rather than rushing in to explain the confusion, she turns to fly back to Gruff when Queen Clarion spots her. Queen Clarion tells Fawn and Nyx to work as a team to protect Pixie Hallow. The two girls have exactly the opposite agendas. Nyx is determined to capture Gruff and Fawn does everything she can to keep him safe and hidden.

The following day the storm rolls in. Fawn goes to find Gruff and hide him but he’s already transformed into the monster like creature the book showed with horns and wings. Fawn follows with Tinker Bell by her side trying to get to Gruff before Nyx and the rest of the scouts. Tinker Bell gets to Gruff first but he knocks her down as he doesn’t recognize her. Finding a passed out Tinker Bell, Fawn is upset learning that Nyx is right. Fawn tricks Gruff to follow her, she leads him right to Nyx and the scouts. They capture him. 

Tinker Bell wakes up and finds the scouts and Fawn. She explains the misunderstanding that Gruff knocked her down to avoid a tree falling down on her. Realizing it was a misunderstanding, Tinker Bell and Fawn release Gruff and help him start the ritual in an attempt to save Pixie Hallow. Gruff flies through the rock piles which had collected lightening. The lightening then redirects to Gruff’s horns. Nyx destroys the last tower before Gruff gets to it. Lightening almost hits Nyx but Guff catches the lightening and saves the scout fairy. Part of the lightening hits the ground and starts a fire in Pixie Hollow. With no time left, Fawn gets Gruff to follow her to fly high in the sky where he attracts the lightening. Gruff flies right into the eye of the storm where a large blast occurs. Gruff starts falling but the fairies use their pixie dust to guide him gently to the ground. His wings were burnt off an his horns fell off becoming numbs. Fawn lays still near him. Gruff and the other fairies begin to mourn her, fearing she died. Gruff touches her and a lightening sparks between the two, reviving Fawn.

The next few days, Gruff helps restore Pixie Hollow until he tires out. The fairies add comfort to his cave before sending him back for his next hibernation. They added a mattress, pillow and a nice water fountain as a night light. Fawn is honored as Guardian and Protector of Pixie Hollow and she retells the story. 

TinkerBell and the NeverBeast Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I love the Disney Faeries Franchise and love that this film focuses more on Fawn, the animal fairy. It’s not my favorite in the series despite that but it gave us lots of laughter and we enjoyed it. It’s a bit on the darker side for the franchise but it’s good.

Check out this funny scene from the film.

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