Movie Review: Victory Through Air Power

Victory Through Air Power Trailer

Victory Through Air Power Summary

 This film was released on July 17th, 1943 based on the 1942 book called Victory through air power by Alexander P. de Seversky. This film was pushed quickly to show concepts from what was happening during World War II. Disney also wanted government officials to see the growth in public morale, which was successful. After Roosevelt saw the film, he thought it was a good way to teach and was the beginning of the educational films. They used it to present the chaos without being overwhelmed and it even boasted the confidence of soldiers.

Victory Through Air Power Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Victory Through Air Power was an animated aviation history film in animation. It covers how it was the use of airplanes in World War II that made the difference in winning the war. Not a film I would watch for fun, however great as a history lesson.

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