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Return to Neverland Summary

Released to home video in 2002, Return to Neverland is the sequel to Peter Pan, which was based on J.M. Barrie’s Peter and Wendy book. Set in London, England during World War II, Wendy (Harriet Owen and Kath Soucie) is now happily married to Edward (Roger Rees) and has two beautiful children, Jane  (Harriet Owen) and Daniel (Andrew McDonough).

Wendy is left to watch over her children while Edward went to fight the Luffawe. During the Blitz, Wendy tells Jane and Daniel all about her adventures on Neverland with Peter Pan (Blayne Weaver), Tinker Bell, the lost boys (Spencer Breslin, Bradley Pierce, Quinn Beswick, and Aaron Spann), and Captain Hook (Corey Burton) and his crew (Jeff Bennett and Dan Castellaneta).

Jane listens but did not believe her mother, which led to an argument. Jane tells the children that they are being evacuated to the countryside with all the other children. That night as they are on their way to escaping another air raid, Captain Hook and his crew fly in their enchanted ship to kidnap Wendy.

Unbeknownst to the pirates, they grabbed Jane, mistaking her for her grown mother. Hook flies back to Neverland with a plan in mind. He plan to lure Peter Pan in by feeding Jane to the giant octopus. Cleverly enough, Peter knew better and rescued Jane while Hook was left to fight the beast himself.

Peter brings Jane to the hideout so she can be the mother to the lost boys, but she refuses and ends up stranded outside. The following day the lost boys attempt to teach Jane how to fly but she continues to be stubborn and not believe, upsetting the lost boys.

Jane even tells them that she doesn’t believe in faeries, causing Tinker Bell to get very sick. Later that night, Hook appears giving Jane a whistle to use when she finds the treasure and to have her leave it but only in return for not hurting Peter Pan and the lost boys.

In the morning, Jane asks to play treasure hunt while Peter Pan and the lost boys wish desperately for Jane to believe so Tinker Bell can get better. While out on the treasure hunt, Jane begins to believe and she’s honored with the title: “lost girl” but Tootles finds the whistle Jane had secretly tossed and blows it.

The pirates take Peter Pan and the lost boys captive, revealing that Jane is a traitor. Jane tries to explain but Peter cuts her off letting her know it was her fault that Tinker Bell was sick because she didn’t believe it.

Jane escapes back it the hideout to revive Tinker bell. Jane asks Tinker Bell for help, who agrees and teaches her to fly. Tinker Bell and Jane get to the pirate ship just in time to see Peter walk the plank. Jane rescues him while the pirates in the rowboats are being chased by the giant octopus.

Peter Pan and Tinker Bell bring Jane home after a long goodbye with the lost boys. Peter and Tinker Bell had a nice reunion with Wendy. Edward returns home from war and the movie ends.

Return to Neverland Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

It is a fun sequel that went straight to video. Instead of Jane being a child, it is now Wendy. Return to Neverland brings us back to Neverland but there are some plot holes when it comes to the timeline of Peter Pan and the Tinker Bell Franchise. It is a great animated film for kids where they can learn that when not in Neverland, during WWII, children were shipped to the English countryside to be save from the bombings. There are more lessons to learn and very enjoyable.

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