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Based on the legend of Robin Hood, Disney produced and released this anthropomorphic version on November 8th, 1973. Opening up with Alan- a- Dale (Roger Miller) narrating the story of two famous outlaws, Robin Hood (Brian Bedford)  and Little John (Phil Harris), in the Sherwood Forest. They two are famous for robbing the rich and giving to the poor. The Sheriff of Nottingham (Pat Buttram)  has had enough of their thievery and tries to put an end to it but is unsuccessful. 

One day Prince John (Peter Ustinov) and his assistant Sir Hiss (Terry-Thomas) are on a tour of the kingdom. Knowing that their carriage would be full of riches, Robin Hood and Little John disguise themselves as fortunate tellers to trick the Prince. Embarrassed, Prince John puts a bounty on Robin Hood and Little John’s head. Prince John assigns the sheriff to also be the tax collector. Sheriff takes his new role seriously and loves taking money from the townsfolk, including a young Skippy (Billy Whitaker) who just received birthday money. Robin Hood, now disguised as a beggar, sneaks by the Sheriff into Skippy’s home, Robin gives the money back and gives Skippy his boy and hat as a present.

Skippy, his two sisters (Dana Laurita), and best friend Toby (Richie Sanders) run to try out the bow. Skippy goes first, accidentally firing an arrow onto the grounds of Maid Marian’s castle. The children sneak onto the grounds to retrieve the arrow but they encounter Maid Marion (Monica Evans) and Lady Kluck (Carole Shelley), who end up playing with the children. Later, Maid Marion reveals to Lady Kluck that she and Robin used to be childhood sweethearts and that she never stopped loving him. Lady Kluck consoles her, admiring her strength.

Meanwhile, Friar Tuck goes to tell Robin Hood and Little John of an archery contest that Prince John is hosting. He goes on to tell them that the winner will get a kiss from Maid Marian. They devise a plan, Little John will be dressed as the Duke of Chutney and infiltrate Prince John’s tent while Robin will compete dressed as a stork. Robin Hood wins the competition and Prince John exposes him, demanding he is arrested and executed, while Maid Marion pleas for his mercy. Little John threatens Prince John, causing a fight between the soldiers and the townsfolk. The townsfolk all manage to get away, escaping into Sherwood Forest. 

Robin falls in love with Maid Marion again, as the townsfolk celebrate with a troubadour festival. They rejoice that Prince John is a phony king, creating a song about him. The tune is so catchy that even the soldiers hear it and start singing it. Prince John is so insulted that he triples the tax and imprisoned any one who can not pay. The Sheriff even takes the money in the church box, enraged, Friar Tuck tells him off, resulting in his arrest. Prince John orders Friar Tuck to be hung, baiting Robin Hood to come to the rescue. 

Robin Hood and Little Jon learn of Prince John’s plans. They sneak into the camp and free the prisoners. Robin Hood goes to steal the tax money, awaking Sir Hiss as he flees. The soldiers are awakened and chase after them. Robin Hood is forced to return to rescue Tagalong (Dori Whitaker), one of Skippy’s sisters. The Sheriff corners Robin. Meanwhile, Prince John’s castle goes up in flames. Robin escapes by jumping into the moat, but the soldiers fire their arrows, believing they killed Robin Hood. Robin Hood, however, used a reed for air as he escaped the line of fire.  Soon, King Richard () to England, arresting his brother Prince John, Sir Hiss, and the sheriff. King Richard gives his blessing for Robin Hood to marry his niece, Maid Marion.

Robin Hood Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

An animalistic version of the classic Robin Hood. It is a completely underrated family film and perfect for the whole family to enjoy. But did you know that Robin Hood, Snow White and Zootopia are all linked through Easter eggs? Besides purchasing my book The Disney Pixar Connection, you can find out how by joining my exclusive Facebook group.

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