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Once Upon a Time Season 3 Summary

The third season of the American ABC fantasy-drama Once Upon a Time was announced on May 10, 2013. Executive producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis also noted that the season would be split into two volumes, with the first premiering on September 29, 2013 through December 15, 2013, and the second from March 9, 2014 through May 11, 2014.

The first volume’s plot revolved around the main characters traveling to Neverland from Storybrooke to retrieve a kidnapped Henry Mills from the possession of Peter Pan. After successfully retrieving Henry, the characters returned to Storybrooke, only to be returned to their original worlds following Pan’s new Curse, leaving Emma Swan and Henry to escape to New York City. The second plot followed the characters’ past journey in the Enchanted Forest and how they were brought back to Storybrooke by the Wicked Witch of the West, while also documenting Emma’s mission to break the new Curse and save her family. New characters introduced in the season include the main antagonists of the two volumes: Peter Pan and the Wicked Witch of the West, in addition to Tinker Bell, Ariel, Prince Eric, Ursula, Medusa, Rapunzel, Lumiere, the Wizard of Oz, Glinda the Good Witch, the Good Witch of the North, the Witch of the East, Dorothy Gale, Blackbeard, and Elsa.

Season 3, Episode 1: The Heart of the Truest Believer

In Neverland, Henry befriends a fugitive boy who guides him around the jungle, informing him of the sinister Peter Pan and his Lost Boys. At the same time, Emma, her parents, Regina, Mr. Gold, and Hook successfully arrive in Neverland, and must face each other’s differences to work together and retrieve a missing Henry, though Gold has other plans. Meanwhile, in the Enchanted Forest, a wounded Neal attempts to find a way to learn of Emma’s whereabouts, with help from Aurora, Phillip, and Mulan.

Season 3, Episode 2: Lost Girl

Emma comes face to face with the evil Peter Pan, who begins his first game with the group to locate Henry that involves Emma facing her true identity. Meanwhile, Mr. Gold gets an unexpected visitor in the dark jungle who helps him with his troubling thoughts about his looming prophecy; Gold also is haunted by a mysterious straw doll that follows him everywhere. Back in the Enchanted Forest that was, the Evil Queen Regina threatens to remove Snow White from her kingdom in order to adhere to the throne herself.

Season 3, Episode 3: Quite a Common Fairy

Peter Pan begins to reveal to Henry the real reason why he was brought to Neverland, while his family begin to realize that Pan is tricking them. Meanwhile, in the Enchanted Forest, Neal enlists Robin Hood, his son, and Mulan to get to Neverland. In the characters’ pasts, Regina begins to grow tired of her loveless marriage, and ends up attracting the attention of a rebellious green fairy named Tinker Bell.

Season 3, Episode 4: Nasty Habits

Neal teams up with his father to find a way to retrieve Henry in the jungle, whilst also managing to settle their mistakes. But with Gold’s constant struggle with his theories of the prophecy, Neal becomes suspicious of his father’s true intentions. Elsewhere in the jungle, Emma and the group find an item of Neal’s that could prove useful in finding an escape off of the island. Back in the Enchanted Forest that was, Bae disappears from Rumplestiltskin’s strong view, leading him to the town of Hamelin where children are being reported missing by effect of a mysterious tune.

Season 3, Episode 5: Good Form

Hook tries to save David when dreamshade poisoning takes a toil. Elsewhere, Snow and Regina work to capture a lost boy and communicate with Henry. In flashbacks, Hook and his brother go looking for a plant.

Season 3, Episode 6: Ariel

Learning that Neal is alive, Emma and the others enter Echo Cave to rescue him. Inside, they are forced to reveal their darkest secrets to one another. Regina separates from the group beforehand and meets up with Gold, saving him from Pan’s shadow in disguise as Belle. Together, Regina and Gold devise a plan to defeat Pan and save Henry. Meanwhile, in the Enchanted Forest that was, Snow White is rescued from drowning by a mermaid named Ariel, and then helps Ariel meet her true love, Prince Eric.

Season 3, Episode 7: Dark Hollow

Emma, Neal and Hook travel to the darkest part of Neverland to capture Pan’s shadow, but the mission is jeopardized by the men fighting over Emma’s attention. Elsewhere on the island, Peter Pan steps up his game in manipulating Henry, using a captive Wendy Darling to do so. Meanwhile, Ariel is sent to Storybrooke by Mr. Gold and Regina to help Belle find Pandora’s Box, an artifact powerful enough to defeat Pan.

Season 3, Episode 8: Think Lovely Thoughts

Emma’s group reunites with Regina and Mr. Gold, and they learn from Wendy what Pan’s true objectives are. If Henry willingly gives him his heart, then Pan will become immortal and Henry will die. Determined to prevent this, the group heads for Skull Rock to save Henry at last. Meanwhile, in the distant past, a young Rumplestiltskin is granted a second chance at a happy life with his wastrel father. But Rumplestiltskin’s father has a different idea of a better future for himself…

Season 3, Episode 9: Save Henry

Henry is dying, and Pan is slowly absorbing Henry’s heart into his own. Emma, Mary Margaret, and Regina have no choice but to attack Pan head-on, but this will not be a task easily accomplished. Meanwhile, 11 years ago, Regina finds a way to adopt the infant Henry to be her son in Storybrooke.

Season 3, Episode 10: The New Neverland

The group returns to Storybrooke in triumph, and it looks like they might have a chance at a peaceful life from now on. But things are not as they appear, and soon a great danger makes itself known. Meanwhile, in the Enchanted Forest that was, Prince Charming wants to enjoy a honeymoon with his new wife, but Snow White is too distraught over the Evil Queen’s vow of revenge and seeks a way to do something about it.

Season 3, Episode 11: Going Home

Pan is in Henry’s body, and plans on casting the dark curse once and for all to create a new Neverland, as no one can age under it. Emma and the others try to stop this, but it may come with the ultimate sacrifice on everyone’s part. In character’s past, however, we learn of the many events that lead up to the unveiling of Emma’s destiny.

Season 3, Episode 12: New York City Serenade

Emma and Henry have been living in New York for the past year, though they believe it’s been ten. All this is changed when Captain Hook comes knocking at their door, telling Emma that she is needed in a town she has forgotten, and a year ago in the Enchanted Forest, the fairy tale characters try to rebuild their home, but find that none other than the Wicked Witch of the West is in charge now.

Season 3, Episode 13: Witch Hunt

With her memory restored, Emma and Henry have come back to Storybrooke to help Regina and the others find out who has recast the dark curse. Mary Margaret is also pregnant, and her midwife is none other than the Wicked Witch, Zelena. In the forgotten year, Regina discovers an unexpected connection with the Wicked Witch.

Season 3, Episode 14: The Tower

While looking for the identity of the Wicked Witch, Charming finds that he is being pursued by a hooded figure. This may be the same hooded figure he encountered in the forgotten year, when he found a tower in the middle of the forest as the inheritance of the long-haired Rapunzel.

Season 3, Episode 15: Quiet Minds

In the forgotten year, Baelfire and Belle find a candlestick holder named Lumiere, who may be the key to helping them restore Rumplestiltskin back to life. In present day Storybrooke, Rumplestiltskin is a slave to Zelena, who has the dark one’s dagger. Neal is also found, but something is wrong with him that even he doesn’t understand. Also, Regina meets Robin Hood and is startled when she sees his lion tattoo. Emma and David found out Rumplestiltskin who’s looking crazy in the forest of Storybrooke. Later, they find out that Rumple and Neal are in each of the body. Neal sacrificed himself to separate his father from his body, so that his father can tell the savior who the Wicked Witch really is. In sorrow, Rumple told Emma that the Wicked Witch is Zelena. Emma and David go back to Mary Margaret and tell her about Zelena, whom she’s thinking would help her when she gives birth to her child. They find her, but didn’t find out where she had been. She was in the forest giving orders to Rumple to get back into the cage where she keeps him.

Season 3, Episode 16: It’s Not Easy Being Green

With Zelena’s identity as the Wicked Witch of the West revealed, she challenges her half-sister Regina to a duel in the town square. Meanwhile, many years ago, a young Zelena tries to find her place in the world. With advice and some silver slippers from the Wizard of Oz, she goes to the Enchanted Forest, in order to be trained in sorcery by none other than Rumplestiltskin.

Season 3, Episode 17: The Jolly Roger

Ariel returns to Storybrooke and asks Hook to help her find Prince Eric, who never returned to the town when the new curse was cast. Emma agrees to let Regina teach her how to use magic so that she can help defeat Zelena, and Mary Margaret and David try to prove that they can be just as much fun as Hook is with Henry. Meanwhile, in The Enchanted Forest during the past year, an angry Ariel confronts Hook over her missing Prince Eric, who she assumes was kidnapped and possibly killed by the pirate. But when Hook confesses that the Jolly Roger has been stolen, Ariel unknowingly provides him with a clue as to who the other pirate is, and Hook with Ariel go off in search of his ship.

Season 3, Episode 18: Bleeding Through

Zelena steals Regina’s heart, so Regina enacts a spell to speak to her dead mother, Cora, to discover the truth about her and Zelena’s past. Belle tries to figure out what Zelena’s ultimate end game is. Meanwhile, in the Fairytale Land, young Cora is fooled by a man who claims being a prince and finds herself alone and pregnant. A chance meeting with a real prince will lead Cora to the royal life she’s always craved, but she must keep her pregnancy a secret or risk losing everything.

Season 3, Episode 19: A Curious Thing

Zelena threatens to kill Henry if Hook doesn’t kiss Emma, and things begin to heat up between Regina and Robin Hood. Meanwhile, back in the Enchanted Forest, Snow and Charming go in search of Glinda, the Good Witch of the South, to see if she can help them defeat Zelena. It is also revealed who cast the curse that ultimately sent the Fairy Tale characters back to Storybrooke.

Season 3, Episode 20: Kansas

All of the residents of Storybrooke try to prevent Zelena from getting Snow’s newborn baby, which is very close to arriving, because Zelena plans to use the baby to travel back in time and rewrite her destiny, while obliterating Regina and Snow White’s family from existence. In the past of the land of Oz, Glinda tries to convince Zelena to fight the evil within her, and to join her and her sisters, the other good witches who protect Oz. Additionally, a young girl from Kansas is introduced who threatens to be Zelena’s undoing, and ultimately factors into Zelena’s final decision.

Season 3, Episode 21: Snow Drifts

Everyone in Storybrooke joins Mary Margaret and David as they prepare to crown their newborn son, while the time-travel portal that Zelena created before her apparent demise comes to life, and takes Emma and Hook back to the Enchanted Forest, before the events of the original curse. Emma and Hook must find a way to return to Storybrooke. But in their quest to return, they accidentally ruin Snow and Charming’s first meeting, and they must repair the timeline with Rumplestiltskin’s help, before it is too late to undo the damage.

Season 3, Episode 22: There’s No Place Like Home

Emma’s and Hook’s plan takes a turn for the worse when Regina captures Emma for “aiding” Snow White, and when it turns out that Snow White had been unable to steal Prince Charming’s true marriage ring, which was the catalyst for the two of them falling in love. After a daring rescue involving the enlistment of one of Snow’s friends, Snow White finds herself in a pinch, in which death seems inevitable. However, she barely manages to escape, and Emma and Hook eventually manage to get her parents back together, repairing the timeline. After some issues with the time portal, Emma is able to regain her magic and reopen it, although she also brings Maid Marian to Storybrooke , unknown to the residents of Storybrooke, Emma and Hook have unknowingly brought back Elsa who could forever alter the course of Storybrooke’s future, and portending the rise of a new threat, the magic of whom even Rumplestiltskin fears.

Once Upon a Time Season 3 Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I love that they added Neverland with Peter Pan and Tinker Bell, with a different spin to their traditional story. I don’t want to give it away but there is so much to this season. I love how Once Upon a Time has really spun the stories in a different light.

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